Yerlin’s hood

Yerlin Gomez

November 8, 2013

I live in Brooklyn Sunset Park. In my neighborhood there are two major avenues which is 5th and 8th avenue. If you walk in those avenues you will notice that there is a garbage can on every street. There is also more littering activity in those avenues. I live on 7th Avenue and there are no city garbage cans. The only garbage cans that you see are private garbage cans from houses and the one building on my corner. The only rodent activity I notice in my neighborhood is the 4th avenue and 45th street train station. I do not really notice any rodent activity on my block or in my house. I do sometimes notice spiders but that’s about it. This does not really concern me because they are only spiders and they are very small compared to a rodent.openlab2 openlab3 openlab4 openlab5openlab6 openlab7.openlab1

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