Brain cells from urine

Here’s an interesting news item about deriving pluripotent cells from excreted cells and differentiating them into neurons. The News article at Nature. The risk of using induced pluripotent cells is that they have the propensity to form tumors. When these differentiated neurons were implanted into newborn rat brains, they did not form any tumors over time. This gives a lot of hope for treating diseases of aging and degeneration, like Parkinson’s Disease.

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  1. For many years the controversy of using stem cells has been delaying the process of finding new cures for those who could benefit from the use of stem cell transplants. For a very long time the well known actor Christopher Reeves, has dedicated a majority of his life to research in hopes that stem cells could be used as a way to help those with serious autoimmune diseases or life altering accidents like his that left him paralyzed from the neck down. With many years of research it was determined that stem cells could provide the help needed for those who could no longer recreate new cells in order for them to heal. This new discovery of using urine instead of IPS cells as a way of recreating new neurons that could be reprogrammed into becoming a functional neuron has given many researchers hope in curing those with detrimental injuries or even Parkinson’s disease. The use of stem cells has caused some issues such as tumors forming after being implanted into the recipient. For this main reason many people have been opposed to the use of IPS cells even though they are known to be the best way of helping many people. Hopefully this new discovery can evolve and become the next form of stem cells so that millions of people can get the treatment they need in order to live out the rest of their lives.

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