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2nd Assignment – A summer seasonal signature dish

Summer Seasonal Dish By: Anny Ng Sang


44 W 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

 Service: Ferris is a New American, seasonal restaurant located between Broadway & Avenue of the Americas. Open 7 days a week for dinner and reservations are welcome.

Servicescape of the business: A small restaurant  in the basement of the new Made Hotel, south of Herald Square. It is a cozy and relaxes dining that only serve dinner with 40-seat dining room with an open kitchen and seating at the chef’s counter. The menu is simple and short that contains cocktails and wine & spirits.

The ambient of the restaurant makes someone feels cozy and relax.


An open kitchen for guests to see the chef cooking and preparing their meal. Chef, Greg Proechel  who is holding a knife to carve the meat.

Seasonal Summer Dish: ” Ocean Seafood Salad” mix with fresh vegetables such as green & yellow bell pepper, onion, tomatoes with a simple and delicious salad dressing. This salad will fresh you out from the hot summer and will make your appetite more big.

Service Elements:  The seafood salad can be serve as an appetizer to open the guests’ appetite.  The portion will be enough for 2 people. Since the restaurant likes to serve the food on ceramic plates, then I will serve this seafood salad in this simple and casual blue ceramic plate.

Artifact: The blue ceramic plate will bring up the color of the vegetables and the seafood. This salad will be served cold to cool down the summer heat, so the guests can imagine themselves eating at the beach.


Summer Seasonal Creation



HMGT 4702, SP2018


By Johnnie Davis



JuneBaby, Seattle Washington

Look /


Service: JuneBaby is a great restaurant in the making, specializing in Black Southern Cuisine. Located in this city’s Ravenna neighborhood. Southern cooking is a specialty that demands high attention to the magnificent textures and flavors.


Servicescape of business: Includes beautiful JuneBaby sinage above the entrance, people lined up without reservations, nice modern seating inside, nostalgic paintings.

The inside is immaculate, shelving bottled pickles, paintings and other flavorful treats. There is also plenty of space to take in the ambiance. The bar is well stocked with the finest libations, to enhance the experience. No doubt unforgettable. Eduardo Jordan is the proprietor, a mature Black man whose family ties are based in St. Petersburg Florida. His mother cooked only the food she knew. If chicken was on the night’s menu, Mama couldn’t screw that up. It had to come out perfect every time. This tradition has been passed on through the generations. Southern Cuisine was designed to be hearty, packed with calories. When slaves were in the fields they needed stamina to endure the drudgery of the backbreaking work. Today many people get sick from this food because they are not in the fields and it just turns to fat. Mustn’t overindulge, moderation.


Seasonal Summer Dish: On a cooled summer’s night, a tantalizing treat would be a Sweet Potato Soufflé served on a bed of lightly toasted chopped pecans.




Artifact: Stoneware and ceramic plates are mostly used. Keeping the cost down when and if breakage occurs Their merchandise is thoughtful sleek and diverse.


By having many different products, the business creates a more treasured experience. The products are sold in-store and online. Accessible to everyone.


Service Element: Are the FOH, Casual dining with a plenty of hospitality. The waiters, if asked about the history of the food and the culture they may give a short synopsis you.


Seasonal Summer Dish By Kariluz Sanchez Constanza

2122 NE 65th St. Seattle, WA 98115



JuneBaby cuisine is inspired on home cooking of black southerners, locate in a residential area in Seattle, Washington. It is a walk-in only restaurant.

Their menu consists of that homemade cooking flavor from the south raging from fried pigs ears, smoked carrot with collard green to bread pudding. Their signature dish is Momma Jordan’s Oxtails. The cocktail drinks are named after Harlem Renaissance poems and their wine and beer are of good selection. The price is right to moderate. Appetizers, $5 to $14; main courses, $19 to $22. Reservation not accepted, except for group of 8 to 12 people.


Servicescape of  Business:

The restaurant is in a residential neighborhood, which gives a free spirit and friendly environment. The dining room is designed to emulate home cooking in the South, it has huge pictures of arching tree branches, and on the wall, can see jarred pickles and preserves that are for sale in this case, but very common in the southerner kitchen. In the background the sound of  Vintage soul and R&B music can be heard.

Seasonal Summer Dish: BLT Salad with homemade croutons

Very colorful and flavorful summer salad that will remind you of the early years along with their dishes. This BLT with a Lime vinaigrette, is just a simply but delicious and light alternative. It can be with bacon or specially prepared for guest.


Service Element:

For this salad I would use a 10” clear salad bowl. Using this clear bowl will give a visual show of the colors of each ingredient in the dish.


The clear bowl will enhance the multiple color of the ingredient used. It will be showcase in a simple way that anyone having the salad can be able to prepare it. Also, excellent way to have young kids learn and eat in playful way their salad by seeing the color and texture of it.













Seasonal Dish by Eve May

Hamilton’s, Brooklyn, New York

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Hamilton’s is a family owned restaurant located in Windsor terrace, Brooklyn. It is a contemporary American restaurant – you can find on the menu things like a Grass-fed Beef Burger, “The Ella Fitzgerald” sandwich which is somewhere between a monte cristo and a croque monsieur, Huevos Rancheros, Caribbean Style Jerk Chicken and Old School Italian Tiramisu. Price range for a small plate is $10-12, main course is $18-20. Serving time is 10-15 minutes.

Servicescape of Business:
Hamilton’s is a corner spot right of Hamilton ave and east 4th, just a block away from F/G train. The corner entrance is making this place visible from a wide angle. Hamilton’s offers 70 seats inside, 12 seats at the bar and 2 outdoor options – the garden on Hamilton ave and small patio on east 4th.
This place looks simple and chic at the same time, outdoor Christmas lights all year around, flower pots outside and freshly cut roses on each table inside add to the interior a lot. Old paintings on each wall, wine bottles on the shelves and tons of candles makes this spot to look very cozy.

Seasonal Summer Dish: Arugula-Apple Pecan salad with Goat Cheese

Apple Pecan salad with goat cheese is a combination of flavors and vibrant colors. This salad will be a perfect fit to Hamilton’s menu. It is loaded with summer flavors! It is sweet and savory at the same time! It is crunchy! And it is good for you! Nutrition value of all the ingredients is another selling point.

Service element:

The salad will be served in laminated wooden serving bowl that is exceptionally strong and stable with a hand-finished of cherry wood. Salad Bowl has 12″ diameter. It is locally made in upstate, NY.

Those locally crafted cherry wood salad bowls, will darken to a rich reddish brown over time. It will add a simple accent and another element of coziness to a neighborhood place Hamilton’s.

Seasonal Dish by Daniela Nepomuceno

DaDong, New York NY

NY Times Coverage

At DaDong in Midtown, Modern Art and Lame Duck

Service: Restaurant with 12, 932 Square foot. It has two main dining room on the second and third floor. Each dining has an outdoor space. The restaurant serves approximately 400 guests.

The service escape of the business:

The restaurant is in the Cube building in Bryant Park. Besides the two main dining room. The second-floor dining room has a 3,785 sq. ft. outdoor garden and the third-floor dining room has an 858 sq. ft. outdoor terrace. The restaurant also has a few private dining areas.

Very elegant and glamorous look, each floor has a different layout and decoration. It goes from an energetic, stylish, and slightly gritty look and going to a more elegant and delicate atmosphere. There is two open bar on each floor that match with the style and atmosphere of the distinct floor.

Seasonal Summer Dish: Rice Noodle Salad

A freshly flavorful salad that will enhance the flavor their dishes. Giving nutrients, healthy, and a popular Chinese salad on the menu will assure the quality of their dishes. A salad will fit into everything that is on the menu and it’s something that is missing and can’t be left out

Service element:

Enhancing and appreciating the art of China, the salad will be served on Pair Chinese Wooden Bowl with Fancy Carving. The bowl is designed with tree and fruit scene, measures 4.5″h 6.5″w.

Artifact: The design of the bowl that is appreciating the art of China. It enhances the atmosphere of the restaurant because the restaurant is decorated in an Art of China-based, it also connects to the meaning of the restaurant itself with elegant and unique service-escaping.

Summer Seasonal Dish Creation By: Jessica Abate

Pasta Flyer, New York, New York




Pasta Flyer is an authentic Italian quick service pasta restaurant. They are serving pasta fast and fresh to order. Ingredients are fresh and cooked slow to serve, but fast to order. Each menu item is under $10.00 and is served in 3 minutes or less.


Servicescape of Business:

Pasta Flyer has one store front on 6th Ave between 13th and 14th street. They provide a “Homey” atmosphere that makes it seem like you are at an Italian grandmothers house and the dishes are made to match that feeling. It is a fast and casual environment that provides customers with a meal that is filling without the guilt of eating fast food. The service is assembly line style allowing things to flow quickly and efficiently.

Seasonal Summer Dish:

A seasonal summer vegetable pasta would fit perfect with there restaurant concept. The summer pasta would feature spaghetti with zucchini, tomatoes, and mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce. Not only does this dish represent the summer, but it also adds to the menu by having a vegetable pasta which was not previously on the menu.

veg pasta


I think having a fresh real cheese wheel imported from Italy would help amplify the importance of authenticity to their culture. The cheese wheel could be on display behind the counter for the customers to see.

Service Element:

A worker should be hired to add cheese to the pasta using another cheese wheel. This stunt is both entertaining and keeps up with the modern trend of adding pasta to a wheel of cheese in order to coat the pasta with cheese.




Example: A seasonal summer dish

Water Taxi Beach, Long Island City, NY

NY Times Coverage:
The Beekeepers Ball
Imagination On The Waterfront (editorial)

Image result for harry hawk water taxi beach

Service: Catered events run a minimum of $4,500 for semi-private events and $9,000 for private events with events costing up to $25,000

The servicescape of the business
An outside-only beach bar on the Queens waterfront. 1.5 acres of sand, drinks, burgers, beer, and beach volleyball.

World-class sound system from Gary Stewart Audio (GSA) at Ministry of Sound London, Zouk Singapore,  and District 36 NYC.

 Image result for sound system at water taxi beach lic

Very simple causal look. The ambient environment is the natural cool breezes of the waterfront; the light salt air of the tidal estuary known locally as the “East River;” tiki bar and picnic tables with warm, worn woods; a billion dollar view of Manhattan and all its famous buildings; and a chain-link fence along the water. The center piece is a faux palm tree that looks garish by day and stunning by night.

Seasonal Summer Dish: Whole Roast Pig

An entire roast pig carved table side. A $600 dollar option to any catering package. Hand carved by your host and our proprietor Harry Hawk.

Image result for chashama pirate pig party

Service Element
Harry Hawk, the operator and proprietor of the beach, will personally carve your pig. The pig will be served at a table within the party area and will create a sense of being at a tropical beach party.

Image result for sound system at water taxi beach lic

Artifact: The pig will be given a full tiki presentation, connecting the service to the design of the bar and the overall feel of the servicescape. The presentation will include tiki torches adding light to the service area.

Example Torch:
Royal Poly Bamboo Tiki Torch