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2nd Assignment – A summer seasonal signature dish

Seasonal Dish at The Islands Caribbean Restrurant

Seasonal Dish : Wine-Marinated Pot Roast


The wine marinated pot roast is boneless beef served with vegetables .

Service scape:  The wine marinated pot roast will be served in a small pot . The small pot will be carried on a wooden tray . The small pot will be closed and when it is placed on the table it will be immediately opened this will allow the guest to smell aroma of the pot roast. Serving the wine marinated pot roast in a pot will give the caribbean feeling to guest as if they were in the islands.  Continue reading Seasonal Dish at The Islands Caribbean Restrurant

Seasonal Dish – Shoji at 69 Leonard Street

Shoji at 69 Leonard Street


Seasonal dish

Seared Scallop served with herb and citrus vinaigrette

Service Elements

The Scallop will be seared by cooking under fire on top of a hot surface pan, then it is  plated on a ceramic plate that have a unique design with a mix traditional element. After it is plate the scallop will be seasoned lightly with herb and citrus vinaigrette, and sprinkle with some rosemary.

Servicescape Element  

The restaurant served the food in an “Omakase” style which mean “leave the selection to the chef” or “I trust you (the chef)”, which is also an open kitchen style where the chef will show his/her skills to the guests throughout the night. For this seasonal dish the chef will be searing the scallop by doing a fire show and served it fresh to the guests.


Seasonal Dish (2nd) – Torishin


362 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

Torishin is a Japanese restaurant specializing in yakitori (Japanese style grilled skewered chicken) Continue reading Seasonal Dish (2nd) – Torishin

Tetsu Seasonal Dish

Tetsu located in Tribeca, Manhattan

Dinner Menu – Sizzling Section

Season: fall

Fried Butternut Squash Chicken dumpling

Price: $22

Count: 8

Tetsu is a modern Japanese robatayaki restaurant located in Tribeca in Manhattan. Robatayaki is very similar to barbecue, it has a similar concept with having various foods cooked at a quick speed over hot charcoal. Much of the Tetsu menu contains raw and fried foods, this the restaurants concept is to serve family style I decided to do a higher amount of dumplings so there can be enough for the whole family.

Continue reading Tetsu Seasonal Dish

Summer Dish

Image result for miriam israeli restaurant brooklyn


Service: Miriam is an Isreali restaurant that opened up in located in broken park slope on fifth avenue. Rafael Hasid, is a native Isreal from Tel Avis and opened up Miriam in 2005 after graduating from French Culinary Institute. Miriams is uniquely, distinctly Israeli.

Servicescape of the Business: Miriams is very comfortable with linen napkins, capacious wineglasses, and a jazzy soundtrack. Miriams gives you a feel of the Middle East as soon as you walk in, from the tables, to the Moroccan chandelier, middle eastern colors and decorative plates. Miriams uses Middle Eastern ingredients and flavors from their Shakshuka to their halvah mousse to the Malawach.Image result for miriam israeli restaurant brooklyn

Image result for miriam israeli restaurant brooklyn

Seasonal Summer Dish:
Couscous Stuffed Butternut Squash
Image result for israeli bowls

Service Element:
The Middle Eastern Dishware will make our guests feel like they are really in the Middle East and they will enjoy eating from such beautiful plates.

The Couscous Stuffed Butternut Squash will be offered two ways: as an appetizer or entree. With the entree the customer will get the Israeli salad as a side order.
Image result for middle eastern plates

Image result for middle eastern plates

Image result for middle eastern plates

The Park Slope Hotel

Name of Hotel: The Park Slope Hotel
Location: 19th street and 5th ave, Brooklyn, New York 11232

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Hotel Mission Statement:
Our mission is to satisfy our guests and exceed their expectations. The needs of our guests, associates are in the forefront of everything we do. Through authenticity and innovation, we create unique memorable experiences.

Three Key Physical Features:
1. Catch a stellar sunset from one of a kind roof top terraces.

2. Fully-equipped gym, sauna and spa facilities offsets the fact that you are in the bar and restaurant capital of the world.

3. Alarm’s a stellar choice for standout local eats plus a killer cup of coffee ( pro tip: check out the event’s calendar and try to catch a live show).

Three Key Services:
1. Complimentary WIFI everywhere on the property for all he guests
2. Free continental breakfast a sweet taste of New York hospitality
3. Free shuttle to the water taxi which will get you to Manhattan in a flash because its always more fun by to get there but the boat and parallel parking is just hard.

To apply:
a. online directly through our website
b. through major search engine like indeed. com,
c. in person during open house hours.
We are looking for young professionals and interns with Hospitality Managements degree.
Cross training and service recovery are part of our training.
Comment cards and survey will be send to the email address to our guests at the checkout to investigate and follow up with our guests.
Anonymous survey will be send out to employees to evaluate managers and supervisors to perfection and improve our service.
Reward will be given to the employee of the month, like a gift card, paid day off or a free dinner.

Ethical Self Evaluation: To ensure that our employees are well trained and qualified, its required for everyone at the management level to attend a training every 6 month, to be up to date and be in the known in hospitality industry. This training is for managers of each department. Everyone will learn what to do in certain situations, about new tools in the hospitality business and all the steps how to improve and multiply the amount of returning customers.
Marketing Persona: The Park Slope Hotel is marketing towards everyone and for any occasion (family reunion, couples staycation or anniversary, sports related trip, for people who wants to explore and adventure seekers). We do not discriminate. Everyone is welcome here. Our guests love to stay in Park Slope Hotel, because we have returning customers like Smith’ family staying with us at least twice a year and guests who recommend our place to their friends and family, they write it in our omment cards in the line” how did you hear about us”.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:
May 7th, 2018: “Open house” to provide job opportunity at the Park Slope Hotel.
May 14th, 2018: Training Begins
May 21st, 2018: Soft opening of the hotel
May 27th, 2018 Grand opening
May 28th, 2018 Free movie screening based on first come first served: “Behind the curtains the Park Slope Hotel”.

Staff: #TheParkSlopeHotel #ComeFindUsTPHB #DoorsOpenTPHB #HereToProvideTPHB
Influencer Tags and tags that offered to our guests:
#TheParkSlopeHotel #WhereBrooklynAt #LocalsOnlyParadise #BrooklynHotel #StaycationInBrooklyn #BrooklynRooftopViews

Signature Food or Beverages:
Two signature food items at The Park Slope Hotel:
1. Jerk chicken with mango salsa and rice and beans

2. Chefs Favorite Grass Fed beef burger served on a potato bun.

Our signature beverage:
1. Park Slope Gin Martini served in a classic martini glass and decorated with a slice of cucumber, classy and tasty.

Service Recovery:
We practice multiple strategies and different ways of service recovery in our establishment. It is applied to each guest, and history record must be recorded on his/her profile as well as the impact caused on his behavior. This will serve as a reference for further stays. Follow ups, customers thank you letters and please come back letters will be send to our gue

Seasonal Summer Dish

Martina Pizzeria:

Martina is a Roman inspired pizzeria. Located in the East Village and is the younger sister of Marta. it is good for lunch and quick takeouts but also has a full seated space, and is open late night as well. It is an order at the counter kind of space  Martina is not also just a simple pizzeria, their menu offers more than just pizza, fried snacks and anti pasta. They have fried risotto, broccoli rabe, salads, brussel sprouts can be added to a pizza, and they have gelato, and Italian wines. Compared to Marta, Martina is cheaper and more casual, more of a neighborhood place, but where detail is everything.

NY Times:

They were  only starred 1 on NY Times review, which is why i chose this restaurant. They need to as something to the menu. I think they should offer signature dishes for different seasons, sprucing up the place and bringing in new clientele.

Service Scape of Business:

Martina is a Roman styled out door eatery.  It is big and has plenty of eat in room. Although it is an order at the counter, cozy type of place, it has a great ambiance. The design is rustic and has worn out tiles. They have open ovens and a chalk board where the menu is printed on over the counter. You can see everything that is going on behind the counter, even the wines are displayed. There is a black and white theme with the decor mixed with wood, and big windows where plenty of light comes in through. Tables are wood and there are some high top tables and most things are served in disposable containers.

Seasonal Summer Dish:

The menu at Martina seems pretty fixed. I suggest adding a Watermelon Salad. Watermelon is refreshing and helps keep you cool especially in the summer months. I would add watermelon chunks, feta, arugula and a little mint and an option of walnuts with a light red wine vinaigrette for dressing. The salad can be called the Signature Watermelon Ghiacciaia which means cooler for something to help keep you cooler during the summer.

watermelon salad


I would serve this salad in a Roman styled bowl. It can be disposable or a real bowl as it is not the only thing that is not disposable. If real it will be metal and can be washed with the pizza pans. This would be an artifact to add to the style of Martina.

Roman Bowls