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CRM-Group Hotel LGBT

A potential problem our LGBT focus hotel could encounter is in the pool area. While pools are a great amenity to hotels, there are great dangers that can arise if left unattended.

Problem could involve:

  • Drowning
  • Injury from pool drains
  • Injury from diving or jumping into shallow waters
  • Injury from slipping and falling
  • Electrocution
  • Skin or lung irritation from harsh chemicals

According to Heskett’s depiction of what is included within a Service Delivery System, he quotes “infrastructural choices refer to the role of the service providers such as job design, policies, and skill set”.

This is why our solution would involve employee training, hiring competent lifeguard and having continuous job training. Here are a list of some policies and solutions:

  • use proper signage and equipment. Example of signage: “Never leave a child unattended around a pool, spa, bathtub or any body of water.”
  • post reminders about the dangers of swimming under the influence of alcohol
  • Encourage everyone to enter the water via points of entry like built-in stairs or ladders
  • Clearly mark water depths around the entire pool
  • Continuous check up on hotel pools and spas to make sure they are up to code