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VYBZ Hotel

Name of hotel: VYBZ
Location: 355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011

Hotel Mission Statement: To suit the needs of the client by providing the perfect vybz for their visit, be it business, pleasure, or relaxation.

Three Key Physical Features:
1.Eclectic meeting spaces, each with a unique ambience created by a mixture of sounds, lights, and smells, changing by the hour.

2. Decorations vary depending on the level: some are regal and opulent, others are  soothing and relaxing, while some are youthful and invigorating, with graffiti art lining the walls. Each for will be a vibe depending on the customers visit. Upon reservation the guest will let us know what floor they will like to be placed on based on their reason for visiting.

3.An Exclusive club on the rooftop that changes its theme each night, to keep clients showing up in order to experience all the vybz VYBZ has to offer.

Three Key Services:
1.Rent clothing to clients whom would like to attend VYBZ events, or to go out on the town

2.VYBZ Restaurant and Club, with live music performed daily.
Restaurant Hours: 8 am – 11 pm. *Kitchen open 24 hours, to support room service and so the Club can serve appetizers until 4 am.
Club Hours: 12 pm – 4 am. *Club serves cocktails and appetizers.

3.Order Food through a monitor mounted in each room. If you want a midnight snack and not in the mood to talk to anyone, the monitor in the room is available making a phone call for room service no longer necessary

At VYBZ we are looking for staff who are motivated and love putting a smile on people faces. The staff and the managers must work together to create a healthy working environment, so keep your drama at the door. Happy Staff mean happy customers.

Meeting: A meeting will be held once or twice a month so the staff can give their feedback on how they think we can improve the establishment. If employees work together as a team they can make the workplace environment a great place to work.

Reward: For each department there will be an employee of the year. Winners will receive a two night stay at our sister hotel in Miami.

Tool: Guest will be able to check out on the monitor mounted in each room. If the lines are too long to check out or they are running late for a flight, they can check out from the room. They can also use this service to rate the employees and the hotel’s service.

Hiring: Although we will mainly look to hiring people with experience in the industry, we will also hire without experience because most job train their workers on how they want everything to run. There will be 2 weeks to a month training process depending on how fast people learn.

Ethical Self Evaluation: Our hotel is built on the idea of supporting everyone in their needs. Period. Our goal is to create an environment where people can be themselves whether it’s business or pleasure. We want everyone to feel welcomed.

Marketing Persona: VYBZ hotel is located in the Meatpacking District. During the day the VYBZ of the hotel are calm. This is maining for the guest who have business meetings to attend. On the other hand, for the guest who are looking for additional activities to do they can take a stroll along the HighLine and take breathtaking pictures of the scenery. However, for guest who are food enthusiast and love to try new foods, they can take a stroll through Chelsea Market.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Opening day will be May 18th 2019

Open house: March 1-3, 2019.
– Open call. Must bring resumes. Small interview process.

Call back: March 5, 2019.
– Managers call back possible employees for a 3 part interview

Conformation: March 7, 2019
– Employees will be contacted if they got the job

Retreat: March 10-13, 2019
– Employee will be taken on a retreat to get to know each other to create a good working environment

Training begins: March 15, 2019

Staff Tags


Influencer Tags


Signature Drink:

“Sorrel Mimosa” Instead of the typical orange juice that’s served with the champagne, it will be sorrel.

Signature Dish:

Braised Oxtail served with Pelau and a watercress and frisee salad. Lightly dressed with a house made mustard vinaigrette. Upon request may pair with our signature sides Caribbean style cabbage slaw or Linguini Pasta Salad.

Seasonal Dish at ATLA

Atla Mexican Restaurant

Farro and Quinoa Grain Bowl sauteed with cherry tomatoes, red onions, corn, asparagus and finished with salsa verde cocina. Served with poached eggs.

Service Element:

The dish is served in a Mexican hand carved and hand painted floral batea wooden bowl

Servicescape Element:

The wooden tables for the guest are also hand painted in floral design inspired by Mexican culture.



Sweet Chili Barbecue Shrimp Burger

Sweet Chili Barbecue Shrimp burger

1st Dish Assignment

Service Marketing HMGT 4702

Professor Shapiro


Toasted brioche buns


Shrimp is seasoned with salt, pepper, old bay seasoning, cilantro and garlic powder

Burger Toppings:

2 Tomato slices

1 White Onion

Shredded iceberg lettuce (small)


Fries: skin-on Batonnet cut french fries tossed with freshly cut herbs and served with homemade Sweet Chili Barbecue sauce