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Robiott by Julissa Ramos and Karyn Rodriguez


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Name of Hotel: Robiott , 4-74 48th Avenue Long Island City, Queens, NY

Hotel Mission Statement:  Located in the heart of trendy Long Island City, Robiott caters to provide the finest hospitality New York City has to offer. The Robiott is for the most part a technologically powered hotel designed for top-notch service and a passion for 21st century gadgets. At Robiott we stand by creating experiences that are innovative, personal, and righteous.

Three Key Physical Features:

It is located next to the museum of Moving Images and the reason why we are the hotel of technology.

Everything in our hotel is technology and the robots do anything for you. RoboButler

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Manuals would help you along the way if you cannot understand the technology or if you prefer to read for yourself. Three key elements of the hotel’s servicescape. At least two of these three elements should be designed with social sharing in mind.

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Three Key Service

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Manhatta: A seasonal Dish

Manhatta is a sky-high restaurant located on the 60th floor of the Liberty building at 28 Liberty Street. It is described as having a “somber” atmosphere with breathtaking views of lower Manhattan and the water. This restaurant is part of the Union Square Hospitality Group founded by Danny Meyer and has only been open for a few weeks.

Seasonal Dish: Winter Salad with Roasted beets and citrus reduction dressing.

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Service Elements:  Fresh greens and grilled beets served on a plate made out of twig. Choice of protein bought out in a charred skillet while still sizzling fresh off the flame.

Arnett 10" Melamine Translucent Twig Dinner Plate

Servicescape:  Wood furnishings throughout the establishment  complements the style of plating for the dish. Crumbled cheese emphasizing snowy winters. Dim light, a feel of lunch/dinner in the mountains sky high.


Group Hotel: Disability Oriented

Our hotel is designed with careful attention to accessibility and disabled guests.

Room size: This hotel offers large rooms and wide doors. Natural lighting,

Features: Equipped with full service elevators, step-free access (ramps), automated main doors, mid-height light switches and power outlets,  automated mattresses, pet friendly(service animals).

Amenities: On call medical staff, handicap parking with priority parking, 24/7 room service, free wifi with Ethernet availability, therapeutic spa on site, free shuttle transportation, Free breakfast.

Workplace design: Wrap around ramp, hiring disabled people,

Job design:

Employee Selection and development: Hotel wide training for encountering disabled guests (how to serve disabled guests), job specifications for housekeeping, bell personel, zero tolerance policy, cross-training, certifications, sensitivity training

Employee Rewards and recognition: pay goes up for certifications

Tools for serving customers: Employees to recognize languages, Alexa, google home, handicap car rentals, oxygen available,

Public spaces: Pool, lobby, restaurant & bar.

Private spaces: Meetings rooms, banquet rooms

Data: Free wifi, smartTV (captions available in all languages)

Segment: Disabled Oriented Hotel



The Special Burger

 “ The Special Burger”


Bun Brioche

Burger- Beef

Cheese- Smoked Cheddar


Seasonings- Adobo, alderwood smoked salt


Toppings-  Red Onions, tomatoes, sweet pickles, shre-

dded, iceberg lettuce


Sauce Ingredients- Special Sauce made with Heinz ketchup, Mayo

& stone mustard.


Served with a side of crisp garlic & herbs fries & a

Side of special sauce. 


By Julissa Ramos

The special  burger would be a delicious addition to any restaurant that encounters it.  It  is juicy and paired with fresh herbs, fresh cut veggies, and seasonings.