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New York Luxury Hotel

Name of Hotel: New York Luxury Hotel

Hotel Mission Statement: The New York Luxury Hotel is one of a kind boutique hotel over on the Staten Island waterfront. The New York Luxury Hotel offers unparalleled views of New York harbor. Our key mission is to guarantee guest satisfaction. The New York Luxury hotel is positioned perfectly for business and leisure travel alike. Staten Island Ferry, Empire Outlets, Staten Island Yankees ballpark, and many more all just few minutes away. The entrance of hotel is located on 55 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, New York

Three key physical features:

  1. The façade of the building is all glass, giving it a luxurious enticing look.
  2. We have incorporated drawing and sculpture from an artist who lives on Staten Island. He designs drawing and paintings across the island. He will be painting a New York Harbor that will be posted in the lobby, which will eventually lead people to take pictures with the painting.
  3. The linen in the hotel is provided by a Linen company based out of Staten Island who serves other luxurious properties in New York City and around the United States. The linen company is Revival New York. They are known for having the highest quality of linen, towels, bath ropes and many more.

Three Key services offered within the hotel that differentiates from other hotel properties.

  1. Guest who have a direct booking with the hotel will have the pleasure of getting transportation service from anywhere within the 5 boroughs to the hotel.
  2. We are directly on the Staten Island waterfront which gives you access to the New York Harbor, having said that we do boat rentals, as well as water tours around the New York Harbor.
  3. We have a rooftop lounge and pool which offers unparalleled views of New York harbor. The first and only Hotel on Staten Island waterfront with a rooftop pool.

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Night Shift Complaint. By John T, Alexandra L, Laura P , Johnnie D


A guest called to complain about the heat not working in his/her room. The front desk immediately apologizes. We then asked if we could send up a security guard to the room to check it out. If the guest declines, we then will offer the guest to switch rooms. If security guard isn’t on premise, I would just immediately offer to switch rooms.



After the incident the Front desk agent made a note in the guest profile. Also made a note in the shift report and also logged the incident in the guest services log book. The guest services log book will entail detail about the incident such as the date/time and the room # of which the incident occurred. As well as who logged the incident and who followed up with that incident.


What next

The following day, the front desk agent reads the shift report and assigns maintenance to that room, to try and fix the heat. Depending on if the guest decided to switch rooms or not, we will notify the guest, that maintenance will be coming to their room when the time is convenient for them.

Service Product Design ( Starbird)


We’ve reimagined fast food to meet the needs of a new America. We’ve kept the good parts, and fixed the bad ingredients, tastes and experiences.

A new service for Starbird would be to expand across the United States, simply because their ambition of serving quality ingredients at a fast food spot would mean everything to the many people around the world that eat fast food often. Sartbird which only serves chicken as a protein, could possibly add another sandwich to their menu, a simple one as well. If I had to create a new product for Starbird I would say to create a crispy chicken BLT sandwich. Lots of people often order a chicken sandwich with BLT on it. Other than that the Starbird menu is really diverse with lots of different flavors. Which is a good thing because the more you offer, will mean your target market is expanding.

I find it interesting that, The Culinary Edge, started this business after coming to the conclusion that they have started successful businesses in the past.

Business Objective: start selling more sandwiches, make a simple Crispy Chicken BLT sandwich w spicy mayo to be added on to the menu.