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Final Hotel Post- Jessica Abate

Name of Hotel: Casa Della Nonna


Intersection of Hester and Mott street in Little Italy across the street from the “Welcome to Little Italy” sign.

Hotel Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide every customer with an authentic Italian experience in the middle of New York City. We will make sure every guest feels as if they are staying not at a hotel but, at there grandmothers house. Our goal is to make every guest feel like family and feel like they have jumped on a plane and landed in Italy.

Three key physical features:

  1. All food products used in the hotel will be imported from Italy to keep with the authenticity. Imports will include wines, gelato, and cheeses. Guests are encouraged to share there meals on social media specifying the unique quality of our ingredients.
  2. All decorative photos hung around the hotel will be of Italy and would have been taken by either staff or guests during their own trips. The photos will be unique artifacts that cannot be found at any other property. Guests and staff are encouraged to share their photos on social media sites before they are on display in the hotel. The goal is to increase approach behaviors for both staff and customers by allowed them to be involved in the decor.
  3. Every hotel room is uniquely designed to replicate styles that would be found in Italy. The decor, the furniture, and the linens will all be authentic to what a guest would find in an old Italian home. All though meant to be authentic to  Italian culture, the rooms will be equipped with the latest technology.

Three Key Services:

  1. Cooking with Nonna is a meal service we provide that lets guests cook with an Italian grandmother. Guests can sign up at the front desk to join our hotel nonna with preparing an authentic Italian meal. Meals will be served family style in our hotel dining room.
  2. Our hotel will have a photo wall in the lobby where all the staffs names and information will be. Every guest is also encouraged to bring a photo of all the people staying at the hotel to post on the welcome wall. The photo should contain their names and a little information about themselves to reinforce the family nature of our hotel. This service makes family meal times more personal between guests and helps the guests know more about the staff.
  3. Casa Della Nonna also provides gondola rides on the Hudson River to guests. Guests can sign up at the front desk and take an included Trolly ride from the hotel to Pier 26 at Hudson River Park. Signing up  advance is designed to help lessen queues. Guests will be greeted by an attendant and taken on a private Gondola ride where they can enjoy an Italian experience with New York views.

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CRM Process- Eve, Mimi, Ke Yi, Jaquasia, and Jessica


There was a guest complaint at night about a group of noisy guests hanging out in the hall drinking and playing music. The front desk manager apologized and called security to ask the noisy guests to lower the noise level.


After the incident is initially handed, we decided the front desk manager needs to file a report. The report needs to contain what happened, the time it happened, who was involved, and what was done to resolve the problem. The report should also contain some follow up information about the guest who complained.

Whats Next?

A long term solution should be created to avoid having this problem again. When guests check in, the front desk member should explain to them the rules regarding noise at night. They should recommend the designated areas if they are up late such as the bar or hotel lounge. Along with this verbal message, signs should be put up in the halls of the hotel alerting guests of these rules.

Summer Seasonal Dish Creation By: Jessica Abate

Pasta Flyer, New York, New York




Pasta Flyer is an authentic Italian quick service pasta restaurant. They are serving pasta fast and fresh to order. Ingredients are fresh and cooked slow to serve, but fast to order. Each menu item is under $10.00 and is served in 3 minutes or less.


Servicescape of Business:

Pasta Flyer has one store front on 6th Ave between 13th and 14th street. They provide a “Homey” atmosphere that makes it seem like you are at an Italian grandmothers house and the dishes are made to match that feeling. It is a fast and casual environment that provides customers with a meal that is filling without the guilt of eating fast food. The service is assembly line style allowing things to flow quickly and efficiently.

Seasonal Summer Dish:

A seasonal summer vegetable pasta would fit perfect with there restaurant concept. The summer pasta would feature spaghetti with zucchini, tomatoes, and mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce. Not only does this dish represent the summer, but it also adds to the menu by having a vegetable pasta which was not previously on the menu.

veg pasta


I think having a fresh real cheese wheel imported from Italy would help amplify the importance of authenticity to their culture. The cheese wheel could be on display behind the counter for the customers to see.

Service Element:

A worker should be hired to add cheese to the pasta using another cheese wheel. This stunt is both entertaining and keeps up with the modern trend of adding pasta to a wheel of cheese in order to coat the pasta with cheese.




Stay and Play Hotel by: Marissa Panza, Nadia Graham, Gab Mantione, and Jessica Abate

Our segment for the hotel assignment was Families, adults with children

  1. Room size
    1. Suits
    2. Joining rooms
  2. Features
    1. Movie theater
    2. Bowling ally
    3. Pin from where you are wall
    4. Bunk beds
  3. Amenities
    1. Free wifi
    2. Continental breakfast
    3. Pool with slide
    4. Free T.V
  4. Public spaces
    1. Playground
    2. Parking lot
    3. Arcade
  5. Private spaces
    1. Parents only lounge
    2. Private bar
    3. Juice bar for kids


Service Delivery System: Housekeeping


  • How to efficiently clean a room.
  • What things should be done first to make the process go by the fastest.
  • 30-35 minutes goal to clean one room.
  • Train managers the same way so they know what the credentials of the job are and will have empathy toward the employees when they are working.

Real World Training Evaluation Method

  • Scenario training.
  • Test managers as well so they understand the Job and can have empathy toward the staff doing the job.
  • For the scenario a room will be dirtied in  a specific way to evenly measure how staff and managers clean the room.
  • Dirty a room and see how long it takes to clean it


  • Every good comment an employee received on a comment card from the guests room cleaned will give employees points.  Whoever acquires the most points at the end of a period will receive a reward, a Visa gift card or cash bonus.