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The Paradise Hotel by: Jaquasia Allende

Name of Hotel: The Paradise Hotel

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Location: 216 Duffield Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Hotel Mission Statement: Our mission is provide our guest with the best experience of wanting to travel to different countries. With working hard and not having the time to travel, our hotel is like a mini getaway, in which you can enjoy the islands as if your were physically there.

Three Key Physical Features: 1) Each room will be inspired by different tropical islands such as Jamaica, Bahamas, and Saint Martin. 2) The décor of the hotel will be very tropical and beach-like from palm tree plants to ocean view art designs on the walls. 3) Each restaurants will provide dishes from most countries to give our guest a sense of what it’s like to go to that specific country.

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Three Key Services: 1) All guest will have access to the rooftop where you can enjoy the “beach”, food and drinks. 2) Don’t have a baby sitter? We have you covered. There will be a children’s area where parents can leave their kids for the day or even just a few hours. The kids will also have some fun with the kiddie Kool-Aid bar and bounce houses. 3) Wi-Fi and internet access will be available to everyone that enters the facility. Continue reading The Paradise Hotel by: Jaquasia Allende

Seasonal Dish by: Jaquasia Allende

Service: My Cuban Spot is Cuban cuisine restaurant. Owned by Miami born and raised, Louie Estrada. My Cuban Spot gives you a taste of Cuba in America with its top two menu items, three huevos Fritos (fried eggs over rice) and the rice bowls. This restaurant also serves sand-weeches (as spelt on the menu) and a variety of empanadas with prices ranging from $2.50-$12.00.

Servicescape of the Business: My Cuban Spot is located at 488 Carrol Street, in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, New York. This restaurant is more casual and full of comfort food. For customers who would like to enjoy the beautiful weather, there is limited seating located directly outside and also a window you can order your food from. With not many drinks being provided, Cafe Bustelo coffee happens to be their big seller. With the order time ranging from 10-15 minutes it is worth the wait.

Seasonal Summer Dish: The Cuban Salad Bowl

The Cuban Salad Bowl consists of fresh shredded romaine lettuce, rice, your choice of black of pinto beans, a combination of shredded pork belly and house sofrito seasoned chicken, topped with a fried egg and a drizzle of crema. With summer just around corner, this salad will be a refreshing start to your day!

Service Element:

The Cuban Salad Bowl will be served in an 16 ounce off-white compostable bowl.

Artifact: The compostable bowl is great for those who are into sustainability. These durable bowls are made for Eco Friendly and renewable plant fiber. The use of this particular bowl is to help compliment to other dishes on the menu and their plating styles.


The Getaway Hotel

Group Members: Jaquasia Allende, Jon Tadras, Yvette Contreras, Xiaocui Wang


Room Size:
1. Suite Room

1. Queen beds
2. Double beds
3. Sofa
4. Kitchen

1. Mini bar
2. Hotel pool and spa
3. Game rooms
4. Multiple outlets
5. Free parking

Public Spaces:
1. Bar
2. Restaurants
3. Roof top lounge

Private Spaces:
1. Ballroom
2. Multiple rooms
3. Dining area
4. Bathrooms

1. WiFi
2. Television
3. Telephone
4. Computer room