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Ocean Blue Hotel by Anny Ng Sang

Name of Hotel:Ā Ocean Blue Hotel

Location:Ā Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hotel Mission Statement:Ā 

Discover and experience the deep ocean at Ocean Blue Hotel. We will provide you the best service, comfortable, andĀ Ā unforgettable stay. Enjoy your vacation with us by creating good memories with your love ones.

Three key physical features:

  1. Ā The hotel’s lobby will have a big aquarium tank with many type of fishes like the aquarium ones. So, family and kids can enjoy the blue ocean.
  2. Ā All the decoration of the hotel will be base on ocean theme including the rooms.
  3. All food ingredients and beverages are from locals markets.

Three Key Services:

  1. Open rooftop for guests to enjoy the beautiful view of New York City and the Brooklyn bridge.
  2. Transportation from JFK and La Guardia Airport.
  3. 24 hours game room for family and kids.

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Night Shift Complaint by: Kariluz Sanchez, Gabriele M. & Anny Ng


A customer was complaining to the front desk agent after getting a smoky smell room. The front desk manager apologized and the customer was removed to another room.


After the incident, the front desk manager file the report. The report needs every details that happened in the incident,Ā who was involved and how it was managed.Ā  Housekeeping department also needs to take care of this problem.

What’s Next?

To avoid this kind of problem in the future, housekeeping department should be more aware of it and used any method to eliminate theĀ  smoke smellĀ  in the rooms. Before guest check-in, the front desk needs to make sure that the room does not have smoky smell and it is ready for the guest.

Summer Seasonal Dish By: Anny Ng Sang


44 W 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

Ā Service:Ā Ferris is a New American, seasonal restaurant located between Broadway & Avenue of the Americas. Open 7 days a week for dinner and reservations are welcome.

Servicescape of the business:Ā A small restaurantĀ  in the basement of the new Made Hotel, south of Herald Square. It is a cozy and relaxes dining that only serve dinner with 40-seat dining room with an open kitchen and seating at the chef’s counter. The menu is simple and short that contains cocktails and wine & spirits.

The ambient of the restaurant makes someone feels cozy and relax.


An open kitchen for guests to see the chef cooking and preparing their meal. Chef, Greg ProechelĀ  who is holding a knife to carve the meat.

Seasonal Summer Dish: ” Ocean Seafood Salad” mix with fresh vegetables such as green & yellow bell pepper, onion, tomatoes with a simple and delicious salad dressing. This salad will fresh you out from the hot summer and will make your appetite more big.

Service Elements:Ā  The seafood salad can be serve as an appetizer to open the guests’ appetite.Ā  The portion will be enough for 2 people. Since the restaurant likes to serve the food on ceramic plates, then I will serve this seafood salad in this simple and casual blue ceramic plate.

Artifact: The blue ceramic plate will bring up the color of the vegetables and the seafood. This salad will be served cold to cool down the summer heat, so the guests can imagine themselves eating at the beach.



My idea is to create a Hot Pot DurianĀ  for 99 Favor Taste Restaurant

  • 99 Favor Taste is a hot pot restaurant that offer 6 types of hot pot broths and besides that it also serves BBQ with 31 different kind of fresh vegetables.
  • Since Durian is an Asian tropical fruit, I would like to create this hot pot durianĀ  broth for those who love hot pot & durian.
  • This hot pot durian will give you an aromatic and richness sensation.