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The Golden View Hotel

Name of Hotel: The Golden View Hotel – 655 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Hotel Mission Statement:  Be our guest to come and see  beautiful Manhattan  skyline and Hudson River vistas through the eyes of Golden View Hotel. Our hotel offers an exciting collection of accommodations filled with personal touches, outstanding amenities and views that inspire a sense of infinite possibilities.

Image result for ink 48 hotel

Image result for ink 48 hotel

Three key psychical features:

  1. The hotel provides all guestrooms showcase views of Manhattan or the  Hudson River (or both) through over sized  windows- most have sunset vistas, too.
  2.  Our hotel provides spa services for the guests. Our signature exotic ginger and lime salt scrub that guests enjoy with muscle-loosening massage provides by our very own Ms Liza who creates this amazing salt scrub. The scrub product is only available for guests who want to enjoy with spa services.
  3.  All paintings in the hotel rooms done by local artists.Image result for ink 48 hotelHotel wants to promote the art of talented artists of New York

Three Key Services:

  1. Healthy Travel: Our hotel provides with custom Public bikes for a ride around the town to explore beautiful New York. Our hotel bikes are there for all guests to enjoy. Just ask the front desk agent during check-in.
  2. It gives us piece of mind to know that all our guests have the body and minds at peace. That’s why we supply a yoga mat in every room, free of charge.
  3. We are pet friendly hotel. Let us accommodate you and your little friends with you. We also offer dog walking services.


The Golden View Hotel understands the importance of identifying individuals who are  motivated, talented and loyal employees ho find pride in delivering positive experiences for both clients and guests. The below list provides a better understanding of Golden View Hotel’s recruitment process.

  1. Check out  our available positions  and upcoming recruitment events online.
  2. Fill out the application.
  3. During the screening of applications , qualified individuals will be contacted by the Hiring Manager.
  4. Phone or Video interview.
  5. After the phone interview people will be called to come for formal interview with managers. The interview could be individual or group interview.
  6. Reference check in. All new associate must pass a criminal background check.
  7. Acceptance proceed. All associated will be in contact with the hiring manager regarding the job expectations, orientations, training.


The employees who perform the best job at every department every month will get a reward $50 dollars to check. The hotel also will hang their pictures, so everyone can see. The hotel creates every year “Thank you party” for all employees , who can also bring their family to enjoy the dinner.


Training process should take around two weeks. People would get training under the manger of the department they will work, and also receive training from employees who have been awarded the best employees for several times. The hotel also provides withe the video training after they complete the actual training.


Ethical Self Evaluation:

We are the hotel that promotes the highest standard of professional ethical norms and values for both our employees and guests. We welcome everyone.

The Golden View Hotel offers an array of ADA accessible rooms. All rooms designs with all accommodations that ADA standards required.

Marketing Persona:

Eric and Jenna want to come to explore New York. They  never have been in the city before so they looking exciting place to stay. They want to find hotel that provides with an amazing view of the city, try all new different types of the restaurant, visit the rooftop and do some shopping. The Golden View hotel delivers all that. All guest rooms have over sized windows that guest have views of Manhattan and Hudson River or both. Our hotel locates in Hell’s Kitchen area that famous with all small authentic restaurants around.   We also have a restaurant in the hotel with options of rooms service. Our hotel  close to 34 street where our guests can find any types of shopping, for example Macy’s. And our hotel has  rooftop bar lounge that open all year. We will be glad to host Eric and Jenna and fulfill all their wishes.

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Marketing Editorial Calendar:

The Golden View Hotel opens 01 December 2018.

Post 1 –  15 November 2018

Title: Recruitment Event

We will post a blog that we will have recruitment event and  welcome people to come for interview. When we gather people we will conduct the interview in group style.

Post 2-  25 November 2018

Title: Soft Opening

We will post that we have a soft opening of our hotel and invite people to come to check our hotel. We have a little performance, we have a group of artists who painted pictures for our hotels rooms to come, our restaurant will have appetizers passed around and we will have a band to perform on the rooftop.

Post 3- 01 December 2018

Title: Grand Opening

And officially our hotel is open to serve to our guests. We cant wait to welcome  and meet everyone to our property.

Post 4-   05 December 2018

Title: Christmas Spirit

We will have a beautiful  Christmas three to set up in the lobby to welcome guests and pass Christmas Spirit to our guests and staff.

Post 5 – 10 December 2018

Title: Art gallery show

We will have an honor to host our dearest friend Mr Smith annual gallery show in our Mint restaurant. Mr Smiths beautiful paintings are our pride that we provide to all our guest rooms.

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Signature Drink:

Baby its cold outside, so warm up with the perfect winter signature drink. Our Rooftop Mint Lounge presents an amazing signature drink “Chilled Coco Martini”

Image result for signature drinks

Service Recovery:

Service recovery is an opportunity to create raving fans, but at the same time, it offers the chance toe valuate what processes or systems led to the issue in the first place.

Service Recovery:

The gusts is checking out from the room and when he receives the bill he sees that hotel charged him for movies $9.95. The guest told the front desk agent that he didn’t watch any movies and there is mistake, and he doesn’t want to pay for it. The front desk agent insisted that he did watch the movie. The guest is upset with the service of the hotel an asked for the manger. When manager came she listened to guest, she apologized and checked the system. She found that the room next to him watched the movie’s but prior night system had an issues and probably that’s why it was added to the bill. The manger right away took the amount out off and she granted the guest with 20 percents discount  of the bill and offered dinner voucher for the restaurant in the hotel.



Chicken and rice

Chicken and Rice

The Dish

Chicken sauteed with onions, rice carrots, garlic and spices in big pan.

Service elements:

Chicken and rice served in special plate that has eastern ornaments


Servicescape Element:

When dish is served and it should be eaten by hands.

Картинки по запросу плов едят только руками

Group Hotel Family Oriented

Hotel for families

  1. Room size: Spacious rooms that design specifically for parents  with children. Usually rooms assigned with two double beds, cribs provided upon request. Rooms with one bed plus 2 bunked beds. Suits.
  2. Amenities: Breakfast, Daycare and Babysitting,  Play Ground, Movie Room, Parking, Gym, Party Spaces, Car Rental, Car Service,Cleaning Service, Free Shuttle Bus to Airport
  3. Features: Pet Friendly.
  4. Public Spaces: Lobby Level, Pool
  5. Private Spaces: Party spaces, day care center.
  6. Data: Free WiFi, Comcast, HBO upgrade for suites.
  7. Family Oriented Hotel
  8.  Hiring process creates an open house that invites potential employees to come to visit the hotel. General manager and other managers ( front office manager, housekeeping director,etc)of the property gather with all people, giving them presentation about the company and positions that they are looking for, then making group activity and see how they interact between each other and then do one on  one interview.  Managers can see who they like and think who is qualify to work in hotel. By the end of the open house people will get hired on the spot and if those who were not hired, they would be told to apply next tome.
  9.  Training process should take around two weeks, for those who dont have an experience in the filed. People who have experience required two weeks,but if they quick learners it can be one week of training. People would be guided under the best workers of the field and the manager who supervise them.
  10.  The employees who performed the best job at each filed during every month is qualify for awards. People would get a bonus to check. The property will also hang their pictures, so everyone can see. The hotel creates every year a “thank you” appreciation party to all employees, who can bring their family and enjoy the dinner.
  11.  All employees must have all proper equipment with them to perform well their duties. If there is something missing employee must to report to their manager and hotel should create an online book for every department and can have all staff to access to it, so they can report the problem in the book as well,  so the hotel has track of all issues.
  12. Problem occurred in the hotel. Guests called and requested the crib for their infant when they made reservation. When guests arrived, the hotel couldn’t provide them with the crib.
  13. Solving the problem. Since its hotel family oriented, the hotel must have all the tools to provide to guests. The manager should have enough cribs even in case the hotel is sold out. When situation like this occurred the front desk should provide them with upgrade with better room .The hotel must have software where hotel staff report all the problems occurred in the hotel. The system for the complaints has variable types If there is not enough cribs, the issue goes for children.  Also front desk agent must order cribs with fastest delivery. The front desk should give the gusts not only upgrade but provide with complimentary breakfast or diner for the family.

“Spicy Diva Burger”

“Spicy Diva Burger”

1st Dish Assignment

HMGT 4702

Professor H. Shapiro

Saglara Tobias


Toasted Sesame Seed Bun


Lean Ground Beef Patty (Can be ordered two patties)


Sriracha Sauce Mixed with Mayonnaise


Kosher salt

Garlic Powder

Black Pepper

Burger Toppings:

1 Tomato Slice

1 White Onion

Small Shredded Iceberg Lettuce

1 Pickle

Side Dish:

Sweet Potato Fries with Seasonings:

Garlic Powder

Kosher Salt


Black Pepper