Maroon’s Hotel

Name of Hotel:

Maroon Hotel; “For Your Natural Stay and Comfort”

Located at 653 11th Avenue; New York, NY 10036

 Hotel Mission Statement:

Maroon derive from the word maroon, escaped African that mixed with the indigenous people and formed independent settlements in the Caribbean and Latin areas.  We are in the heart of the city without being in the middle of the hustle and bustle, so we aim to engulf our business and leisure traveler with an escape into an authentic and charismatic location.

 Three Key Physical Features:

  1. Because we aim to be as authentic to the feel of being in an area away from the city while being in the heart of it all, we have items within the hotel that has been imported from the coast of Central America.
  2. The furniture and amenities have been imported and brought in locally to the hotel as well. Our towels, bath products, desks, beddings, bedroom and public area furniture have been crafted to meet the theme of the hotel. Our restaurant and eating area for our complimentary breakfast have been supplied by the Urban Market and 57th Street Greenmarket (seasonal farmer’s market at Balsley Park).
  3. We’ve also brought in hand-made artifacts and specialized signages from NYC, specifically from areas in the Bronx and Brooklyn. We’ve listed information about what each artifact has been derived from in various areas of the hotel – in the rooms and public areas.

Three Key Services:

  1. We offer a “Welcome Cocktail” reception and dinner to our guests. It’s a pre-function check-in.  Mainly offered to business groups with a minimum of 20 guests.  We also provide complimentary glass of wine to our leisure traveler.  The business traveler has the option to receive the glass of wine or join the pre-function at check-in.
  2. At Maroon’s we offer free shuttle buses to visit the local club/lounges, performance arts and movie theaters. We’ve arranged deals for our guests to receive discounts at Stage 48, Terminal 5, AMC Theater, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  Guests receive a Carib Card that will be activated once they visit the concierge.  This Card is to be presented at these locations provided during their stay.
  3. We have our most popular all year-round rooftop, The Shack, and/or Marroon’s Bar and Grill specializing in Caribbean and Latin cuisine. If the choice is to stay at the hotel, The Black Theater houses nightly performances of Maroon/Black Carib culture, and other miscellaneous themes.



  1. During orientation, new employees are enrolled in our Escape rewards program (Employee Rate/Status), and also added to our Employee Recognition/Status App. Employees can reach these two programs through our website, www.  Through our HR department, we offer continuous training courses that employees can sign up for voluntarily after completing their 2-week training course and 6-month probationary period.
  2. The Employee Recognition/Status App keeps tracks of the rewards obtained by completing the courses they signed up for, including points automatically added after becoming certified as a Maroon’s employees right after the 2-week mandatory training. Staff are strongly encouraged to use our social media sites to post attractions, deals, and/or upcoming events that relates to the hotel through this app.
  3. We also train our staff to use a voice and text-based system that allows them to answer guests’ questions create and/or update room/event/restaurant reservations. Staff are encouraged to participate in answering guest questions and/or resolve guest complaints/issues through an established service recovery.  This would lead to continued recognition, which would them add to their Escape Rewards, where they would have the choice of our spa, dinner at Maroon’s or The Shack, a free stay at Maroon’s, time off, paid vacation and an employee of the month announcement on our site blog.

 Ethical Self-evaluation:

Marron’s hotel is an employer who agrees not to discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.  Staff is required to be over the age of 18 to be employed at Maroon’s Hotel, however each job description is listed in job postings to be considered for employment.  Your sexual orientation, with whom or what you identify as, your age, race, color, religion, national origin or physical or mental disability does not.  We also abide by ADA standards by having a fully accessible lobby, desk area for special accommodations to employees with disabilities, and fully functioning parking lots, restaurant and theater seating, and all public areas with ramps for easy accessibility.


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Signature Food or Beverage:

 We have our signature welcome wine, you have the choice of white or red provided by our local winery Montesquieu Winery, and another signature drink, our Pomegranate and Raspberry Soufflé vodka.

Our Signature Dish is a coconut milk-based seafood soup with a side of mashed sweet a plantains.

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