Robiott by Julissa Ramos and Karyn Rodriguez


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Name of Hotel: Robiott , 4-74 48th Avenue Long Island City, Queens, NY

Hotel Mission Statement:  Located in the heart of trendy Long Island City, Robiott caters to provide the finest hospitality New York City has to offer. The Robiott is for the most part a technologically powered hotel designed for top-notch service and a passion for 21st century gadgets. At Robiott we stand by creating experiences that are innovative, personal, and righteous.

Three Key Physical Features:

It is located next to the museum of Moving Images and the reason why we are the hotel of technology.

Everything in our hotel is technology and the robots do anything for you. RoboButler

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Manuals would help you along the way if you cannot understand the technology or if you prefer to read for yourself. Three key elements of the hotel’s servicescape. At least two of these three elements should be designed with social sharing in mind.

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Three Key Service

  1. Full Service Restaurant that caters for a fine dining experience all while serving comfort foods as well as exquisite cuisine. At Robiott, we take pride in being able to service the melting pot that is New York City.
  2. Amazongo- A cashierless one stop gift shop and convenience store opened 24 hours for all guests needs and desires. Guests are automatically charged for the credit card on file at the hotel, it is as simple as grab and go. Be sure to stop by guests services for our luxury gift selections  wrapping specialists
  3. Rooftop bar operated by a robot machine that can make up to 7 drinks at one time. Drinks are inputted into a screen that sends a message to the machine to make the drinks. The machine can make many variations of well drinks and draft beersImage result for robot bar

Staffing: At Robiott we take care of our robots and our near and dear hands on staff

  1. Staff that are recognized for their hard work and ethics receive various incentives as a way to reward them. We like to reward our guests by offering paid time off, Gift Shop rewards that are redeemable at Amazongo, and free stays at our locations are the world for them and their families. We also offer pre-paid flights for vacation destinations.Staff are also rewarded with free gadgets introduced by Robiott’s IT company. gets a free technology
  2. A critical tool are watch devices created to communicate important information to other staff at the hotel. Every employee is given a watch that they must wear at all times. Also provided with the watch are bluetooth powered earpods with built in microphones. The watches are also able to detect any mishaps that can (but rarely) happen with the robots. They are designed to give analysis of the robots and provide diagnosis of the status of the robots and how to fix the issue at hand.
  3. Staff are selected through apprenticeship programs for different entry level including managerial positions. Paid internships are processed for students and those who wish to pursue Robotics and other IT positions. While we are huge a hotel with robots, we like to maintain unique human relations and experiences therefore we encourage everyone to apply to gain the working experience that Robiott has to offer that no other hotel has. Our robots will blow you away with their charm and our humans are there every step of the way so we never miss a beat.
  4. Our Service Delivery System is very effective in executing just that; excellent service. Having robots and humans leave little room for mistakes due to our careful knowledgeable staff. Concerns are addressed immediately if not by our efficient voice operated robots and devices, our staff delivers the personable touch our robots may lack.

Ethical Self-evaluation:

Our hotel is hospitality service oriented and we take very seriously in providing you with the most hospitable services and experiences through both robot and humans and how both can coexist in one setting for a common purpose. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and safe with our latest technologies by attempting to  end the stigmas around robots. We provide services for everyone and strive to accommodate all guests of all walks of earth (or not) in the most humblest way. We understand that technology nor humans are perfect but we are now closer than ever to perfecting robots and what these robots can do for our planet, for our hospitality industry without negatively affecting our workforce, after all we (humans) are the creators. Robiott is fully approved and licensed to comply with the ADA.

We offer hand free gadgets designed to cater to all guests needs regardless of extremities. Our staff are trained on providing exceptional services to all guests including those protected under the ADA. We offer accessible indoor and outdoor pools, rooms, and elevators large enough for multiple wheelchairs to move freely throughout the hotel. We offer on-site medical staff that are particularly trained for emergency situations.

Our staff are extensively and continuously trained on respect of all individuals and property (Robots). In order to avoid litigation and to maintain an unbiased workplace, our hiring process emits questioning potential hirees on their gender, ethnicities, and backgrounds. As a full-service hotel operating in a diverse urban location, Robiott aims to hiring staff that are multinational and multilingual. Also, with the use of our Robots, we are able to cater to almost any language spoken on this Earth. Robiott has a zero-tolerance for discrimination of any sort and we take it very seriously.

Marketing Persona:

Jeff Bezos, owner and CEO of Amazon who aims to create a futuristic adventurous world. The robots are providing guests with innovative services just like a human would. When designing Robiott, we thought of the need for space and excitement. Although he’s talking about space of planet we took it to reference it as how big we want the rooms. The rooms and everywhere in this hotel is so spacious. You are able to feel comfortable and have no issues with congestions.


Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Robiott opens on January 6, 2019.

Post 1- 21 December 2018

Title: An open invitation for all Robot Geeks

A blog post about upcoming hiring processes for paid internships for students attending CUNY schools  which start in February 2019 with an internship job fair taking place in our secondary lobby on the 6th floor. To register online please visit www.Robiott/

Post 2- 1 January 2019

Title: Robiott Thanks You

Happy New Year, a post about opening day at Robiott and several sponsors in attendance of an appreciation dinner event in our elevated floor to ceiling ballroom located on the 21st floor of the hotel. Appearances by many important individuals who have made this innovation possible.

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Post 3- 6 January 2019

Title: Burgers and Robots

A post about local produce and farms used to create our farm to table menu all while serving delicious food and unforgettable experiences.

Post 4- 10 January 2019

Title: Effortless Shopping

A post about the AmazonGo gift shop and convenience store located within the hotel providing guests with literally anything they can think of.

Post 5- 14 January 2019

Title: If I were a Robot

A post about Robiotts IT department located within the west wing of the hotel designed as a teaching grounds for our staff and those who wish to tour our hotel and get an inside look of our prestigious robots and all of their glory.


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Signature Food or Beverage:

At Robiott, we are 60% robots/technology and 40% human. Within the restaurant we have a full service service restaurant designed for guests to have a refreshing and instagram worthy experience. Our signature food served at Robiott is our Roboburger by Creator. As part of the Robiott experience, within our full service restaurant we have a Creator robot that creates personalized burgers as well as pre-designed burgers as part of our menu. By having a creator machine in our establishment, it allows for efficiency and originality.

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Service Recovery is the moment of truth in an establishment where a guest may have a concern. When the incidence occurs is the only opportunity our staff has to seize the moment. Once the guest leaves your premises, it would be highly unlikely for that guest to return. Robiott’s staff are intensely trained on problem solving and interpersonal skills. Along with continuous training, we are sure to support our staffs loyalty to our guests. We cheer our staff on their service delivery when executed and we encourage and provide improvement workshops when mishaps occur. We want our staff to feel comfortable enough to report any concerns to their managers without feeling as though nothing would be done. Showing appreciation to your staff and keeping them motivated results in satisfied staff who then  deliver detailed services our robots can not do. As for our robots, our IT professionals keep our robots updated on an hourly basis and functioning as they should.

Employees meetings will be held weekly with managers where they discuss how they feel and what needs to change. Once a month a meeting will be held with everyone and employee of the month will be announced. This will be a dinner held by the company and reward 

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