L’essence H么tel – Kounthida Phansourivong (Mei)

Name of Hotel: L’essence H么tel

Location: 60 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hotel Mission Statement: L’essence H么tel聽is one of the unique hotel’s groups that are able to identify themselves among the different hotels in New York City. We aim for luxurious comfort and impeccable service to always delight the guest which set the standards higher. Each room in our is designed uniquely with a different theme of nature that embraces the relevant local culture, style, and history of each location.

Three key physical features: “The world around us is beautiful and we want to keep it that way”

  1. L’essence H么tel is thoughtfully designed, from building materials to furnishing the room and live green moments. Each detail intended to bring the outdoors inside creating a unique and natural environment. Each room is designed for comfort with pure and natural elements, such as organic cotton Keetsa mattresses and eco-friendly products.
  2. L’essence H么tel provides a user-friendly designed and developed that is exclusively in-house, there is technology that is used to elevates the guest experience to new levels, with the latest innovation being the entire in-room environment available in 11 languages (and more in progress).
  3. L’essence H么tel provides the elements of nature and an unsurpassed service and the finest attention to detail to make each stay a memorable one for the guests.

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Three Key Services:

  1. L’essence H么tel provides the elements of nature and an unsurpassed service and the finest attention to detail to make each stay a memorable one for the guests (personalize service).
  2. We offer spa, an indoor and outdoor infinity swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a sun terrace, a salon, an on-site restaurant, bars and cafe, laundry and dry cleaning service, meeting room,聽and catering services, wifi connection throughout the entire property and more.
  3. We provide catering and banquets for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and coffee break. In which our culinary team will offer customized food and beverage menu featuring fresh and organic items that come from the local sustainable farmer.

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At L’essence H么tel, we have staffs that strictly went through a training process to be able to work professionally. Every month we have a rewarded program to recognized and motivate our staff, we also have different varieties of a workshop to train and ensure that they have a happy and healthy lifestyle. 聽
There will be an online communication and SMS text support that can help the staff communicate with each other to make sure that the guest will have a memorable time at The Essence hotel. There鈥檚 also our website that the guests can join in for a discussion forum or using the app on the tablet to access for help.
The staff is selected through an internship and hiring process that is run on a strict background check on our employees to ensure the safety of our guests. This is to also make sure that all the staff that is selected will be able to work professionally and treat everyone equally in the work field. While being able to satisfy the guest.

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Ethical Self Evaluation:

We are a diverse hotel that supports and welcome everyone regardless of their gender, age, and race. The goal of the hotel is to be able to provide the finest services to our guest. Therefore, we are hiring those who are competent and passionate about their career.

Marketing Persona:
We strive to ensure that all our guests satisfied with the experiences and a memorable stay during their trip, no matter how long or short they are.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

L’essence H么tel opens on O5th, 2018.

Post 1: March 15th, 2018

Title: An Open Hiring Process
Inviting people to apply for 聽L’essence H么tel by posting a hiring process throughout the different job sites. The post will go into detail about the job descriptions, the process and what our hotel will be expecting for you. We will also talk about how it will be a multiethnic and diverse group of people that will be working together.

Post 2: April 20th, 2018 (private)

Title: Interviewing process
Interviewing process will go through a strict background check in order to ensure the safety of the guests. They will also be going through some interviews and a real-life simulator test to prove that they are able to handle any situation professionally before getting hired.

Post 3: May 5th, 2018

Title: Training Process
All the staff that we hired into our hotel will be going through a training course (bi-annually) and workshops (quarterly).

Post 4: September 15th, 2018

Title: Press Conference
L’essence H么tel will be holding a press conference to spread the word out about the hotel.

Post 5: November 6th, 2018

Title: Event, Pre-opening celebration
A private event that will be held for pre-opening celebration. We will be inviting influencer and press to the party and experience some of the services that we have to offer and receive feedback.

Post 6 – December 5th, 2018

Title: Opening day of L’essence H么tel

A grand opening of L’essence H么tel.


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Signature Food, Beverage or Dessert:

#DessertGarden #LavenderPeachDrink

A seasonal drink and dessert, perfect for the spring. The lavender and peach drink which will be cool and refreshing, and the dessert garden which is made freshly the moment you order the dessert.

The lavender and peach drink will be served collins glass on a tray with a side of freshly sliced peach and our secret lavender ingredient that the customer will pour and see the magic the drink. For the dessert garden, it will be served on a plain white circular plate to bring out the color of the dessert and decoration.

Both items will be available in our rooftop bar/cafe, as well as room service. However, it is recommended for you, the guest to enjoy the drink and desset in our rooftop bar/cafe for an exquisite view and experience.

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Service Recovery:

Staff is encouraged to engage in service recovery with the promise of a quality service and experience that is implied in the contract. Staff will be given a monthly budget of credit money to go 鈥渦p and beyond鈥 to ensure the quality service and experience of the guest. While this may be done without manager approval, a receipt/report must be submitted and inputted per transition. If the guest.

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