Disability Focused Hotel CRM

A potential problem that was extensively talked about during management meetings, was the potential for the lifts in the pool malfunctions and guest cannot be taken in or out of the pool as need. As well as what protocols to take if there are multiple casualties.

Potential Solutions and safeguards

In the event that a lift is broken lifeguards have been sent to training with how to extract guest from the water safely and quickly. The hotel maintenance will immediately be notified that an issue has occurred and needs to be addressed.

The pool was specifically designed with a ramp that leads into the pool so that either hotel guess or staff can easily access the water. But was also designed to make extraction of injured guess faster and safe than slide over the edge of the pool.

Other safeguards.

  • hotels private EMS are on standby
  • The pool area is always monitored by two lifeguards at all times of service hours
  • lifeguards tested every month on how to extract different injured guest ranging from broken limbs, seizure victim, drowning, etc.
  • Lifeguards are both red cross and city certified.
  • lifeguards are sent to advanced training every 4 months to maintain first responder license.

  • In an emergency situation with multiple casualties, the pool has an emergency train system that safely and quickly drains the pool.
  • All staff is trained in CPR and first aid.




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