Teen Oriented Hotel


At very late night, a complaint from guest that stated She paid more than $500 for two nights, a partial ocean view room with a king size bed. Instead, she got two full size bed room with no window. She was angry that she wasn’t informed by the time when she check-in and didn’t received what she paid for. In addition, the room wasn’t clean well, she found fingernail next to her bed. She refused to accommodated


Front desk apologized for the inconvenience and explained there wasn’t ocean-view room and housekeeper available at the time. She offered an down-graded room which only type of room available, and would reported the complaint to  supervisor next day. The supervisor offered to issue the refund of difference price of the room.

What’s Next: Since the reservation stated that “Your room/unit will be guaranteed for late arrival”, hotel has obligation to meet their promise. The reputation is very important to maintain, and customer service is a key to bring customer back next time. Supervisor or housekeeper manager should frequently check the cleanness of the room, ensure they meets standard requirement. Having fingernail on the floor is unacceptable, apparently housekeeper hadn’t done his/her job completely. Front desk should inform the guest if there is anything change in reservation.



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