Guan Fu Sichuan: Seafood Lamb Hotpot

Guan Fu Sichuan, Flushing,NY

NY Time Coverage: A New Kind of Sichuan Restaurant for New York

Service: Guan Fu Sichuan is a restaurant focus on Szechuan cuisine and located downtown Flushing’s Chinatown. “Guan Fu” means official. Full name means official palace Szechuan cuisine. In ancient China, a bureaucrat’s standard meal should be luxurious and diverse, and most likely complicated on process. A private room is available for private party or a group of people.

Servicescape: From outer, decoration of restaurant, to inner, the food, restaurant utilities every element of “Guan Fu” to present their food and surrounding make customer feel back to ancient China. There are two stone lions outside of restaurant under the gabled roof, which is a key feature of a bureaucrat houses, mean guardian. Dining room is divided with wood panel carved with flower, and bright light reflected on stone floor shined whole dining room.

The Owners of restaurant modeled and furnished their restaurant into a dignified place, and contained specific traditional elements to present formality and luxury

Seasonal Dish: Seafood Lamb Hotpot

This particular shape pot is designed for hotpot in ancient China, and now some places are still using this particular pot. There are vegetable, meat (lamb), various type of seafoods, noodle boiling in one pot. This is a typical meal during winter in China. Customer has option to choose other ingredients.

Service Element: Customer choose to cook their own ingredients on the table or option to have kitchen cook for them. Customer can experience the doneness and the order of ingredients.

Artifact: Especial during the winter, this dish can warm customer up.  and from tableware: silver teapot, patterned China to decoration, stone lion, and wood panel, surrounding enhances customer’s experience.

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