Group Hotel: Teen Oriental

The Teen Oriental hostel is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Our hostel caters to high school teens  and young adults, by providing a fun and safety environment for people to enjoy and relax during their stay in the hostel.

In our hostel we will be providing an open environment for any guests regardless of their gender, race or age. Here, you can enjoy the morning breakfast, lounge in the lobby or game room, or hangout (cooking bbq) in our backyard and get a chance to talk to other guests.

Room Size: We’re going to be a Hostel Hotel; meaning we’ll have pod style bunk bedrooms that can fit 4-6 kids in a room. So it can be within the budget and easier for chaperons to keep an eye on them. 

Features: The hostel will feature a game room with a pool table, ping pong table, air hockey table. It will also have a gaming where people can play on consoles and play in with groups. It will also feature a pool within the hostel that will be open until 12:00 AM. The hostel also have a snack and juice bar where people can buy it at a cheap price.

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi within the hostel, fully equipped kitchen and dining space, laundry facility, in room lockers (bring your own locks), and a rooftop with a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The hostel will also have a party organized in the events room catered to the kids one of the nights they’re staying that will include a DJ, food, and alcohol- free drinks. The hostel will have free tours of the respective city throughout the day that the kids have to partake in.

Workplace design: The employees can come in work in their causal and where their name tags on them. There will be a small counter with a small bowl of candies to welcome the guests when they check in. The design of the hostel will be a big open space with minimal and simple furnishings, that will be focusing on bringing in plants and outdoor space.

Employee selection and development: Employees of the hostel will be base on their skills, patient, and how well they can get along with our guest (the teens). We will also run a strict background check on our employees to ensure the safety of our guests. We will have an employee training/workshop once in every 3 months.

Employee reward and recognition: For our employees reward and recognition we will have an employee of the month program, and monthly and yearly bonus for those who excelled in their job performance.

Tools for serving guests: There will be an online communication and SMS text support that can help them get through during their stay in the hostel. There’s also our website that the guests can join in for a discussion forum in case they need help.

Public spaces: Lounge, Game room, Pool, Backyard and Snack + Juice bar

Data: Free Wi-Fi within the hostel, TV in the lounge area, game room and dining space.

Segment: High school students


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