Cream cauliflower Puree with caramelized brown sugar bacon

A homey pureed soup that is smooth and rich with savory and sweet thick cut bacon to addition warm flavor.  Dish created by Terrence “Teddi” Sutton.
Potato purée with lobster gravy. It is not the highest use of lobster, but it may be the highest use of gravy. Dish from The Loyal.


This dish is a fall and winter seasonal dish that is supposed to have a warm and welcoming vibe that invites those to sit and feel at home. The sweet bacon cuts through the rich creamy texture and flavor of the soup to ad a bit of smoke and sweetness.

This is a seasonal dish that would fit right into the menu at The Loyal, which Pete wells boast has a bit of something for everyone.

The Loyal is a restaurant located at 289 Bleecker Street, in the Greenwich village of Manhattan. the restaurant is run by Chef John Fraser, who also own two other restaurant that are Michelin stared.

Service element: The Soup is served in a black slate bowl that has no set shape. It is meant to make the white of the soup pop while also giving the brown glaze of the bacon a chance to shine as well. The bowl is smooth, delicate but also sturdy like the hands of a grandmother that would have made it.

Service scape element: The Loyal is said to be a place that is run formally but has the vibe and atmosphere of a 1950 club. a soup of this type can be served without meat in a fine dining restaurant as an appetizer  to warm guest coming in from the cold. But a club of the 1950s would be daring enough to serve bacon as a non breakfast item.


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