Group Hotel: LGBT Oriented

Located in Greenwich, New York, Our hotel will cater to the needs of the LGBT community by providing safe accommodations, modern design and a luxury feel without the luxury price.

Our boutique hotel will be open to all genders, sex and race.

Room size: Standard size of 325 sq ft. with closet, safe box, and mini fridge.

Features: The hotel features a Bar in the Lobby floor, offering cocktails, champagne and tapas to our waiting guest. It also features a full Spa, Rooftop and a pool with Upper level views.

Amenities: 24/7 room service, free wifi, 46 in Flat screen TV with Cable, stocked mini fridge with snack and beverage choices.

Workplace design: Uniforms would be work casual and include a Name Pin with the hotel’s logo. The front desk would be waist level to have a sense of openness. Counter tops and floors will be modern

Employee Selection and development: Our hotel will not discriminate with race, sex, gender or sexual orientation. We will be an equal opportunity employer. All employees will have to go through mandatory sexual harassment workshops once per month, no matter of seniority.

Employee Rewards and recognition: Free Medial will be provided to employees. Bonuses will be rewarded such as perfect attendance (no lateness) or hitting our review marks. Stock options will also be offered. Discounts on the hotel’s room and food services will also be available to employees.

Tools for serving customers: Employees will receive a $1000 credit monthly to go “up and beyond” for any guest. This includes service recovery or service rewarding. While this may be done without manager approval, a receipt / report must be submitted and inputted per transition.

Public spaces: Pool, Lobby bar, courtyard

Private spaces: Spa, banquet rooms

Data: Free Wifi, Smart TV, phone in room

Segment: LGBT Community

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