Shabushabu Macoron

Shabushabu Macoron(2 stars) is a Japanese hot pot place where the chef Mako Okano cooks everything for you, in front of you. Currently, it is only omakase tasting menu available.

Seasonal dish: Yellowtail and pickled umeboshi.

The yellowtail sashimi will serve with the umeboshi and existing seasonal vegetables on the menu in a small delicate wood bowl. I personally like sashimi and having a side of fresh yellowtail with the juicy slice of umeboshi then take a sip of the Japanese white wine will definitely create a unique flavor. The new item is a small dish and I believe it can fit the omakase menu.

Service Element: Every time when Chef Mako finishes cooking behind the counter, she will Place the food into a hot bowl or some other plates depending on the food item. Every cooked item you get will serve in a delicate way. By seating at the counter, the guests are also able to see how the chef is preparing their foods.

Servicescape Element:

Shabushabu Macoron is a small, plain space restaurant with only eight seats at the open kitchen counter. The restaurant currently only serves omakase menu, however, you can pay extra to get an additional course. The most wonderful thing about this restaurant is the chef cooks everything for the eight guests at the same time. The chef takes care of each bite for the guest by standing behind the guest counter and this exactly creates the most amazing experience in this Japanese hot pot place.

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