A Seasonal Dish at Kopitiam


151 East Broadway

Seasonal Dish

Pulut Inti –  Morning Glory Sticky Rice, grated coconut sugar

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Service Elements

Although served between 9:00am to 10:30 am specifically for morning breakfast, it is also served throughout the day as a snack.  It is sticky rice wrapped in pandan leaf with blue morning glory flowers and spread with toasted coconut sugar.   It is suggested to remove the leaf before eating.

Servicescape Elements

This is a coffee shop in Chinatown that introduces customers to NYyonya Style cuisine  preserving the fading tradition in cooking dishes done by ancestors.  The seasonal dish is created with the natural hues from morning glory flowers, in which it is a substitute to artificial additives and dyes, and sprinkled with toasted brown sugar.  It is then served to the customer wrapped in a pandan leaf.

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