Group Hotel: Disability Oriented

Our hotel is designed with careful attention to accessibility and disabled guests.

Room size: This hotel offers large rooms and wide doors. Natural lighting,

Features: Equipped with full service elevators, step-free access (ramps), automated main doors, mid-height light switches and power outlets,  automated mattresses, pet friendly(service animals).

Amenities: On call medical staff, handicap parking with priority parking, 24/7 room service, free wifi with Ethernet availability, therapeutic spa on site, free shuttle transportation, Free breakfast.

Workplace design: Wrap around ramp, hiring disabled people,

Job design:

Employee Selection and development: Hotel wide training for encountering disabled guests (how to serve disabled guests), job specifications for housekeeping, bell personel, zero tolerance policy, cross-training, certifications, sensitivity training

Employee Rewards and recognition: pay goes up for certifications

Tools for serving customers: Employees to recognize languages, Alexa, google home, handicap car rentals, oxygen available,

Public spaces: Pool, lobby, restaurant & bar.

Private spaces: Meetings rooms, banquet rooms

Data: Free wifi, smartTV (captions available in all languages)

Segment: Disabled Oriented Hotel



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