Final Hotel Atlantica

Name of Hotel: Atlantica

Location of Hotel: Puerto Rico by the Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques


Hotel Mission Statement:

Here at Atlantica Hotel we pride ourselves in being a luxury brand with dedicated and devoted employees. At Atlantica Hotel our guests, employees, and owners are our main priority in everything we do. Through hard work, kindness and authenticity, we create a one of a kind experience.

Three Key physical features:

  1. Inside Atlantica Hotel we provide a space by the pool where locals can come in and share their culture through food, music, art and jewelry. We decided to share this with the islanders and give them their time to shine within our hotel so guest can have the complete experience of their culture. The money earned goes back to the locals and helps them purchase items to bring in to sell to guest and for their family.
  2. Sustainability is very important to us at Atlantica Hotel and we try to aim to be as sustainable as possible. In each one of our suites we have a sign alerting guests of our towel renewal program. If a guest wants to reuse a towel it must be hung up, if they would like a new towel they can place it in the hamper provided near the exit. In each of our rooms we have low flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and sink aerators to minimize the amount of water being used. Also provide recycling and regular garbage cans in the rooms and outside near the elevators and exits.
  3. There will be breakfast served in the lobby in a buffet style. The breakfast would consist of,
  • Avena – Oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, raisins, and milk served with fresh fruit.
  • Farina – Cream of wheat cooked with spices, ginger, milk, sugar, citrus peels, and coconut milk. It is served with cinnamon and butter on top.
  • Funche – A Puerto Rican dish that is usually served as a breakfast dish. It is boiled coconut milk or coconut cream, milk, salt, and butter mixed with cornmeal until thickened. Sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon is added to give it taste. Funche is served with fruit or nuts.
  • Natilla – Cornstarch custard topped with butter and cinnamon.
  • Pan de Mallorca – Sweet and light yeast rolls topped with powdered sugar. They are eaten with coffee or stuffed with eggs, cheese and ham.
  • Plátanos maduros o Batatas asadas – Sweet plantains or batata (type of sweet potato) baked with spices and served with eggs. Sweet plantains are sometimes mashed with milk and butter.
  • Tortilla de Huevos – An omelet made with diced tomatoes, cilantro, onions, peppers, garlic, orégano, and cheese.
  • Mofongo – Very popular Afro-Puerto Rican dish made with fried unripe plantain and other root vegetables mashed with garlic, fried pork (chicharrón), olive oil, and broth. and a whole lot more. All these foods are Puerto Rican style breakfast.

Three Key Services:

  1. At Atlantica Hotel we offer Wifi and Internet access will be available exclusively for guests only. Each room would also have a live feedback machine as to how the guests like the room and services of our hotel.
  2. Each one of our hotel rooms includes an Alexa from Amazon that is almost like having your own butler. With voice activation commands such as “Dim the lights to 25%” and “Turn on the Tv”, Alexa from Amazon will make your stay with us at Atlantica Hotel even more memorable.
  3. Here at Atlantica Hotel offer car services to take our guests to the beaches to enjoy a day full of swimming and snorkeling. We provide brand new Volvo’s, private drivers, and bottled water.


1.We encourage our staff to represent our brand and standards whether they are on the hotel premise or off. It is important to us to reward employees that provide excellent and award-winning service in every department. Each month at Atlantica Hotel we provide a special lunch for each of our employees. For also pick from each department employees who have received great feedback from guests and their coworkers. They receive either money or coupons for dinner.

A critical tool is a daily meeting overview at the beginning of each employee’s shift. The appointed manager must at the end of each shift type up a brief email that gives an overview of their day and what needs to be done the next day. Then at the beginning of each shift each team member must read the printed email and sign their name at the bottom. This interaction should not take more than 10 minutes and provides a clear message of what needs to be done.

Staff are selected through their resume, a standard interview and a 3-day trial period. If the interview feels as if the candidate is a good fit, the candidate is welcomed back for a three-day trail. In this three-day trail we will be looking for timeliness, eagerness to learn, patience and willingness to do whatever it takes to be hired. This kind of dedication is what we are looking for in new employees.

Equality Logo March 2016

Ethical Self Evaluation:

Here at Atlantica Hotel are constantly conscious of running an ethically hotel that encourages people of different race, age, and religion to come work for us. Every six months our employees are mandated to attend a WorkForce in a Global Marketplace workshop that discuss current issues, how to workplace handle situations and more. We pride ourselves to ensure a safe and healthy work environment that everyone feels comfortable in.

Our hiring process does not require any personal information such as religion, sexually preference, disability or race. That way there is absolutely no way judgement plays a factor in our screening process. Also, at The Atlantica hotel we offer maternity leave for both female and male employees who are expecting a child and there is no mandatory age retirement.

Marketing Persona:

Eleanor and Mark love to travel to New York City to see what the city has to offer.  The couple is not the adventure type but more of the relax and unwind type. Their idea of fun is a relaxing massage and a nice dinner out. Eleanor and Mark both have an obsession with art and technology. They are conscious people who understand that this Earth is the only one we have and we must preserve it.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Launch Date: Feb 1st

February 2019

Title: Open House Interview

All with 2 or more years of Hotel experience alongside a college degree is the only requirement. Please bring an update resume.

14 February 2019

Title: Special Two Night Promotional Rate

Come to The Atlantica Hotel for 1/2 the price. This promotion is limited to 10 rooms and only available for the weekend of Saturday June 15th to Sunday June 16th.

16 February 2019

Title: Chef Tasting Menu

The message that I want to send is that we want our customers to have a great beautiful experience enjoying the magnificent view and the warm feeling of the Caribbean air while eating a perfectly prepared dinner with the essence of Puerto Rico, also since my target audiences are mostly accustomed to rough oily foods the menu created will help people who are cautious to what they eat have an easy and enjoyable time deciding for something healthy and delicious.

5 March 2019

Title: Spa Packages

Highlights of the different spa packages that we offer at Atlantica Hotel.

25 September 2019

Title: Date Night

A Night for couples or friends to celebrate on our beach front. The locals will be at Atlantica Hotel to interact with guests and share their music, food and dancing.



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Signature Food or Beverage:

One exciting dish served at MiCasa is their signature Tres Leche that is made from the highest quality ingredients. This Tres Leche is unlike another else on the menu since it is a three-milk sponge cake with South American origin. This cake is typically made with milk, heavy cream and evaporated milk. Puerto Rican style tres leches adds an additional cream of coconut or mango milk and rum. Not only is this a dessert but it is also an amazing way to end a fabulous evening.

The Tres Leche is served on an authentic Puerto Rican plate from the country itself.  Our staff is trained specially how to make drinks and how to handle any situation if things go wrong. It is important to train staff to be knowledgeable and comfortable in all aspects of their job requirements.

Also, drinks include,

  1. Coquito – drink traditionally of the holiday season. Ingredients include: cream of coconut, evaporated milk, condensed milk, white rum, cinnamon and vanilla.
  2. Frappe tropical – Passion fruit juice, coconut cream, banana, and chunks of pineapple blended.
  3. Punche de Malta – Malta shook with ice, condense milk, vanilla and raw egg.
  4. Parcha con china – Passion fruit juice, orange juice, sugar, lime, vodka or rum.






Service Recovery:

At Atlantica Hotel we pride ourselves in providing outstanding service. If a guest feels as if we have lacked in any way of that then it is important to turn that negative experience into a positive one. We have developed a 3-step process to help turn the situation around.


  1. Listen to the complaint/Ask if there is anything they can make their experience better
  2. Apologize
  3. Upgrade their room or send a bottle of champagne to their room or comp a night

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