Final The Sleepy Hollow Hotel by Johnnie Davis



Name of Hotel: The Sleepy Hollow

Location: 320 Flatbush Ave.,Brooklyn, New York 11201

Hotel Mission Statement: A place to unpack, unwind, visit and rest for short and long stays. We cater to business, tourist, international and domestic travelers seeking to enjoy a headache free stay. Our accommodations and staff will keep you coming back.

Three key physical features:  The beautiful, New York scenery, it has been a worldwide attraction for tourist and visitors.  There are many places to take in their beauty. The residents have a special connection with their neighborhoods. They may allow others to mingle within their communities, while engaging in their diurnal activities. They are pleased to enjoy showcasing  the uniqueness of their diverse culture. The hotel is filled with nostalgic pieces linking the hotel through an historical view.



This is the City that never sleeps, always something to do. Catch a show, ride a bike through a park, navigate the subways, dine at a variety of restaurants and plenty of sightseeing. The possibilities are endless. Tour buses are also available to help give one the optimum experience.

Ethical Self Evaluation: Our hotel engages in comprehensive ethical practices starting, with all people having rights. There is a freedom in acknowledging this principle but not limiting rights to just people, but to all things. It is our planet for now, and we have to make sure the generations that follow us are able to enjoy the freedoms we have experienced ( the many wonders of Nature) and extend this concept to all for the preservation of all life. Whether it be plants or animals, we have a symbiotic relationship and we must do our best to ensure that survival is our main objective. We utilize Sustainable Green Eco-Systems, (solar, smart-design, battery powered and water conservation, making the most of our resources. We employ strong values on sustainable and responsible ethics but remain to be open to new ideas. We strive to be leaders in the industry.


  1. Staff who are able to best support the growth and development of the hotel are rewarded periodically by cash incentives, acknowledgment, and time off. At junior managerial levels staff has autonomy to engage service recovery up to $200 at their discretion , which may be imparted to any staff on duty in the absence of a junior level manager.
  2. Guest’s interactions are very important and are constantly monitored to improve service by surveys that give a chance to win a small gift via. Lottery system. Queries are siphoned through chat-bots developed by and monitored by staff members for timely response.
  3. Staff are selected by interviews designed to give people who are  the best candidates through criteria, interview responses and a strong desire to overcome their challenges that life may have to offer. To pave the way for their own success. This is a process for anyone with legal authorization to work and a desire to give back to our society. The pool is open to be all, inclusive of abilities and lack thereof,   in accordance with the ADA, and with the understanding that their best is called upon and may, or may not determine their outcome through a probationary period.

Marketing Persona:

Minsa Hommel is a fashion designer whom enjoys spending time on the road. The frequent flyer miles helps a lot to cut the cost but, the real benefit is the location.  320 Flatbush Av. is a wonderful place downtown Brooklyn. It is in very close proximity for most necessary connections. There is the Atlantic Terminal one block away. It houses the subways, next to many buses, a walk away from many fine dining establishments and a whistle away from a cab. Its very easy access to anywhere in the New York City area. Minsa has been coming to New York for quite a while. The only place to stay is at the Sleepy Hollow say’s Minsa. The prices are affordable and the service is outstanding. Minsa can unwind and be Minsa, without all the fuss.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Sleepy Hollow Hotel (SHH) opens February, 2017

Post 1 -3 March 2017

Title: An Open Hiring Process

A blog post about the hiring process at SHH and inviting people to apply for immediate positions starting March 5, 2017. The post details for certain criteria about the process highlighting multi-ethnic and diverse inclusion and how to shine in the application process.

Post 2 -10 March 2017

Title: Culture Development

A blog post about the finalizing of staff opening day and the expectations and incentives.

Post 3 -17 March 2017

Title: Super Quality at low prices.

A blog post about the great quality rooms for low prices for a limited time. This is designed to stimulate business and let the competition know we’re here.

Post 4 -24 March 2017

Title: SSH creates a great package deal. Including touring, wine tasting, shopping and fine dining.


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Signature Food or Dish: Pan Seared Roasted Duck  in Burre Blanc

Service Recovery:

Staff are encouraged to rectify any problem within their power as soon as it occurs. They are given the autonomy to spend up to $200 at their discretion to make whatever right. They must also receive ongoing training to support the No fault policy. The object is to give the clients an optimum experience, without the burden of unforeseen hassles. The staff shall apologize for any inconvenience and then engage with service recovery.



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