Nepomuceno- Final Hotel

Name of Hotel: Getaway Resort in the Big Apple

Location: Jerome Park Reservoir Bronx, NY 10463

Hotel Mission Statement: A getaway resort in the north of New York with the convenience of not having to travel far to enjoy the summer. We are committed to providing enjoyable recreation in a safe consistently environment. Create memorable vacation experiences for every guest and every member of our team

Three key physical features: Three key elements of the hotel’s servicescape. At least two of these three elements should be designed with social sharing in mind.

  1. The resort will have a waterpark within the hotel property. It would include water and regular rides for kids and adults.
  2. The hotel will cater all of their food and beverages from locals markets and farmers of NYC.
  3. The hotel will be partner up with Go Green Inc. Go Green is a company that offers reliable and detail-oriented cleaning services for a safe environment, promoting a green environment with recycles principles.               

Three Key Services: Three key services offered within the hotel that differentiates from other hotel properties.

  1. The resort will partner up with tour buses such as the big bus. This busses will give a full day tour of the resort and its adventures. Including two rides to the most popular rides in the park.
  2. The resort will have a rooftop restaurant and bar with a 360 view of the Bronx landmarks and to the waterpark.
  3. The hotel will offer drop-off program in the summer. Parents can drop their kids at the resort, and they would enjoy a day of adventure in the waterpark.

Staffing: Detail a reward, a tool, and selection process used to empower and motivate staff through an effective Service Delivery System (Heskett, 1994).

  1. Staff is being rewarded with half pay off vacation; a two day stay in the resort for two, and a gift card for the rooftop of the resort. Each one is given after a selected process of progress for each of the team member of the resort.
  2. Each one of our employees will be asked to download the Weekdone app. These tools allow employees to fill out information about their plans for the week and any problems they face either with clients or team members. The app gives out the employee feedback and progress tracking, while at the same time it allows managers to analyze the progress and productivity of the team members.
  3. The resort will be accepting applications online; the staff will be selected after a process of prescreening interview, group interview, check backgrounds, references, and a survey. The idea of selecting the right candidates for the right job.

Ethical Self Evaluation: The resort is a home welcoming place that accepts everyone. The resort meets all the standard of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Every space of the resort and waterpark has the service and facilities to accommodate everyone that can be covered in the ADA. Pools are also accommodated for disabled swimmers to use and leave the pool without any inconvenience. There are multiple elevators as wells as stairs throughout the resort.  Each one in the resort is welcome without looking at gender, age, race, or gender identity. The resort has the freedom of everyone to work; each employee is hired with the mental capacity of facing each situation and with an open mind to everything. Everyone can be hired and everyone can enjoy the fun adventurous that will be first seen in NY

Marketing Persona: a pseudo-biography of the primary persona the hotel is aimed at. This persona must be gender neutral and free from any implied bias in regards to sexual preference or identity.

Lyn is a hard-working marketing professional that is living in Florida, after finishing a college degree at Lehman College. Lyn still has family members living in NY, so Lyn comes to NYC twice a month with their family. Every time Lyn comes to New York Maria stays with us. Lyn has been a loyal customer, and Lyn loves the flexibility that their family can visit them at the hotel and enjoy together, escaping from their environment while still being around home. Lyn has loved the idea that the Bronx now has a quality hotel in which they can stay and enjoy a few days of mini vacation. Often Lyn has traveled for jobs reasoning, so the hotel has given her the space to work with Wi-Fi, printing services, an office for them to have a meeting and present their next project. Most of the time, Lyn comes to be with their family and relatives. As a customer, Lyn has understood that the title is not about only having fun and escape from your reality, we accommodate everyone to feel welcome. Yes, you can work and still has fun and that is the reason why not only students or family has chosen us over the others. We are gaining a variety of customer that see that out promises are being implemented and they didn’t just stay in the air.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Gateway Resort in the Big Apple (GRBA) – opening day April 1st, 2019

Post 1- March 18, 2019

Title: Don’t miss the opportunity to work at GRBA

The resort is announcing their opening day and the link to their website for people that are interesting to apply online.

Post 2- March 25, 2019

Title: Don’t forget the day

The resort is reminding everyone of the opening days of the resort, it would be the first one opening in NYC, and they are counting with the attendance of everyone.

Post 3- April 1st, 2019

Title: Today is a day that NYC would never forget

Opening day and they resort is having 50% discount on the rides and a 10% on the stay. Engaging with the future customers, not only from New York but the whole nation.

Post 4- April 8, 2019

Title: The rooftop that is killing the vibes

The rooftop that has the most incredible views is in the Bronx now. It doesn’t matter that is not looking at the Hudson River, the rooftop in #GRBA has the view of the skyline, the waterpark, and the park.

Post 5- April 15, 2019

Title: Celebrate Easter in the best gateway

The resort is offering sales, and an Easter show to maximize a fun experience for the best spring break in NY.


Staff Hashtags

  1. #GRBA
  2. #GRBANY
  3. #ResortInNY
  4. #NYCHotel
  5. #WorkingNotWorking
  6. #LifeOfNY
  7. #WaterParkInNYC
  8. #RooftopInTheBronx
  9. #KidsProgram
  10. #BestJobEver

IG Influences Hashtags

  1. #GRBA
  2. #GRBANY
  3. #ResortInNY
  4. #LocalsFood
  5. #NYC&Proud
  6. #BestRooftop
  7. #FreeSangria
  8. #Free2HourParking
  9. #TripToTheBronx
  10. #NYCGotItAll


Signature Food or Beverage:


A signature drink of the rooftop that is made of fresh apples, strawberry, pineapples, kiwi, grapes, and oranges. The fruits are mix with tequila, sparkling wine, orange juice, and syrup. The BronxGria is served in glasses that are made of recycling materials. The glass is exported locally, and that what makes the BronxGria much more special. Each glass also a different level, since each one is made out of different bottles, or containers. 

Service Recovery:

The hotel with have access to help point in the waterpark, and in each room, there will be an iPod, this would give the guest the chance to write any reviews, and if they have any complaints or issues, they will contact a crew member immediately. Each staff is noticed with the app because the app gets every complaint, and the app also has the flexibility to tell you where the complaint was made and where are you so you can help the customer or for another team member. These give a vivid image of what quick respond look like, and each employee also has the flexibility to solve problems without the presence of a manager.


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