Seasonal Summer Dish

Martina Pizzeria:

Martina is a Roman inspired pizzeria. Located in the East Village and is the younger sister of Marta. it is good for lunch and quick takeouts but also has a full seated space, and is open late night as well. It is an order at the counter kind of space  Martina is not also just a simple pizzeria, their menu offers more than just pizza, fried snacks and anti pasta. They have fried risotto, broccoli rabe, salads, brussel sprouts can be added to a pizza, and they have gelato, and Italian wines. Compared to Marta, Martina is cheaper and more casual, more of a neighborhood place, but where detail is everything.

NY Times:

They were  only starred 1 on NY Times review, which is why i chose this restaurant. They need to as something to the menu. I think they should offer signature dishes for different seasons, sprucing up the place and bringing in new clientele.

Service Scape of Business:

Martina is a Roman styled out door eatery.  It is big and has plenty of eat in room. Although it is an order at the counter, cozy type of place, it has a great ambiance. The design is rustic and has worn out tiles. They have open ovens and a chalk board where the menu is printed on over the counter. You can see everything that is going on behind the counter, even the wines are displayed. There is a black and white theme with the decor mixed with wood, and big windows where plenty of light comes in through. Tables are wood and there are some high top tables and most things are served in disposable containers.

Seasonal Summer Dish:

The menu at Martina seems pretty fixed. I suggest adding a Watermelon Salad. Watermelon is refreshing and helps keep you cool especially in the summer months. I would add watermelon chunks, feta, arugula and a little mint and an option of walnuts with a light red wine vinaigrette for dressing. The salad can be called the Signature Watermelon Ghiacciaia which means cooler for something to help keep you cooler during the summer.

watermelon salad


I would serve this salad in a Roman styled bowl. It can be disposable or a real bowl as it is not the only thing that is not disposable. If real it will be metal and can be washed with the pizza pans. This would be an artifact to add to the style of Martina.

Roman Bowls


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