Night Shift Complaints – Ericka Soto


There can be many customer complaints in a service business, specifically a hotel  ranging from  small complaints like not enough towels to not enough pillows, or noisy people in the hallway late at night. Other complaints can be about smelly rooms at check in or broken appliances or the heating system, to even a special request not being met like a food order or a timed call or food.


Many things can go wrong by mistake. It is important to record any incident in a general base system so all workers can see it there. There should be a follow up and the issue should be resolved immediately to keep the customer satisfied. First an apology should be given and if the customer has a solution, try to work with it if reasonable. Always try to give reason to the guest and make their needs feel number one so they will return.

Whats Next:

In order to not make any of these mistakes I think a more than less policy is better to have instilled where the rooms have extra pillows and towels in closets to begin with. The guest should not have to order more, there should be more, even if not used. Rooms should be double checked for reasons like a smokey room where the housekeeper may have not noticed it because either they smoke and it doesn’t bother them or they could be stuffy that day. It may required a slower turn over time but it can guarantee satisfaction and no complaints. Complaints are remembered by the guests more than a positive welcoming. All appliances should also be checked by housekeeping while in the room, meaning the heat/air units, wall plugs, bathroom accessories such as blow driers, and even coffee machines, to avoid a guest needing to report it. Noise issues should be attempted to be addressed before hand by making certain floors for certain occasions. For instance if there are many families at the location, designate a family floor. If it is spring break, keep all the spring breakers together to avoid bothering other guests.

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