Night Shift Complaint by Malica, Sheena, Nadia, and Daniella


A diamond member requested a specific meal for lunch and the food arrived late and the order was incorrect.



After the incident, the front desk manager as well as the food and beverage department is to file a report. The report details the incident, when and quickly the incident was resolves, and the names of those who was involved in creating and resolving the incident.

What’s Next?

To avoid this kind of problem in the future, as soon as a diamond member or any guest in the hotel files a specific order for any of the accommodations within the hotel the guest should receive a confirmation on the order. As well as a follow-up to insure that order is correct before being inputted into the system a second time. Another way these issues can be avoided is by having every department, even if the request doesn’t match the department, should receive a notification so that they can ensure everything is done as swiftly as possible.

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