Night Shift Complaint. By John T, Alexandra L, Laura P , Johnnie D


A guest called to complain about the heat not working in his/her room. The front desk immediately apologizes. We then asked if we could send up a security guard to the room to check it out. If the guest declines, we then will offer the guest to switch rooms. If security guard isn’t on premise, I would just immediately offer to switch rooms.



After the incident the Front desk agent made a note in the guest profile. Also made a note in the shift report and also logged the incident in the guest services log book. The guest services log book will entail detail about the incident such as the date/time and the room # of which the incident occurred. As well as who logged the incident and who followed up with that incident.


What next

The following day, the front desk agent reads the shift report and assigns maintenance to that room, to try and fix the heat. Depending on if the guest decided to switch rooms or not, we will notify the guest, that maintenance will be coming to their room when the time is convenient for them.

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