CRM Process- Eve, Mimi, Ke Yi, Jaquasia, and Jessica


There was a guest complaint at night about a group of noisy guests hanging out in the hall drinking and playing music. The front desk manager apologized and called security to ask the noisy guests to lower the noise level.


After the incident is initially handed, we decided the front desk manager needs to file a report. The report needs to contain what happened, the time it happened, who was involved, and what was done to resolve the problem. The report should also contain some follow up information about the guest who complained.

Whats Next?

A long term solution should be created to avoid having this problem again. When guests check in, the front desk member should explain to them the rules regarding noise at night. They should recommend the designated areas if they are up late such as the bar or hotel lounge. Along with this verbal message, signs should be put up in the halls of the hotel alerting guests of these rules.

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