Example: Dish Assignment (Spring 2018)

This is an example service product design post.

Please note that this post is from spring 2018 and thus does not reflect the current first assignment for this course. Still, it should give you an idea of how to complete your first assignment.

My idea is to make a vegan slider for Schnack Restaurant

  • Since Schnack is a meat-centric restaurant/joint, the slide I will create will have a meat-like texture.
  • I will make this vegan slider from a variety of ingredients but the core will be falafel mix, which will give it the desired texture.
  • I will craft the recipe to work well with all of the topics including non-vegan toppings like cheese, Jubilat bacon, etc.

Business Objective

While Schnack is a meat-centric “joint,” they do have vegan and veggie items on the menu, such as tofu scramble, eggs, tofu Reuben, etc.

  • Adding an additional vegan item to the menu will allow additional guests to feel welcome.
  • Vegan/vegetarian folks will be more willing to visit Schnack with their friends when this item is added.
  • The item will be so good it will not only fit within the Schnack flavor profile, but it will also appeal to meat-eaters who may order the dish with cheese, bacon, Schnack Sauce, or just enjoy it as it is.

Schnack Restaurant food selection including fries, burgers and a small glass bottle of classic coke


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