Assignment Details: Service – Product – Design

This OpenLab “course” is devoted to the creation/design of Service Products for the Hospitality Industry. Students will “design” new products for existing service businesses within the Hospitality space.

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a visual depiction of the customer process whereby the discover a business and ultimately purchase a product

3 thoughts on “Assignment Details: Service – Product – Design”

  1. My idea for a new product would be coffee ice cubes at Einsteins Bagels.

    Einsteins Bagels is a popular bagel and coffee shop mainly located in airports, college campuses, and heavily populated areas.

    Coffee cubes eliminate the issue that iced coffee drinkers have of watered down coffee. This trend is popular with other coffee shops because creates a use out of what could be a waste.

    This is a huge plus for flavored coffees, as well as people like more than one flavor in their coffees.

    The product will cost 50 cents more but this products will fulfill the customers when they buy our product.

    Business Objective

    -It cuts down on waste

    -The business objective will be to insure the ice coffee will last long and have more flavor for the customer.

  2. You need to work on the format of this.. It isn’t following the format that I give in the example. The idea itself is solid but improving the format will help convey your ideas better.

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