Communication Design II – Slutty Vegan Campaign




The Slutty Vegan campaign emphasized the importance of visual enjoyment regarding food. Our eyes play a crucial role in our experience of taste. When we see food, our brains respond in a way that helps us taste it based on our expectations. Slutty Vegan is a plant-based restaurant with a reputation for its innovative and imaginative menu. With my partner Jia, we developed a campaign that included creating a creative strategy framework and designing a billboard, gatefold poster, and storyboards.


City Tech has been a transformative experience for me in terms of being exposed to the business side of design. As creatives and designers, we often focus on the aesthetic aspects of our work and making things look attractive. However, studying to become a creative professional also involves solving client problems. Throughout the beginning of my career as a designer and illustrator, I focused on improving my skills, which involved spending countless hours practicing with software like Adobe Creative Suite and sketching to enhance my drawing abilities. However, advertising is more than just making things look good. It is a form of communication between a sponsor and a consumer.