Week 7 of Culmination Project 10/26/15

This week the CNC machine is still broken, and I was advised to to do the presentations without the Lamp being build or take an incomplete for the semester and finish my project spring semester 2016. For this reason i went to my place of work, Showman Fabricators, to help me with with my project by CNC machining some of my project.

Week 5 of Culmination Project 10/12/2015

This week I finished my cam drawings, at first i had trouble putting the autocad files into Cam Bam, John McCullough then told me to try saving the Cad drawings into .Dxf and then put it in to Cam Bam and it worked. after that i had to input the cutting paths, depths, and other information to make the CNC cutting work. Then I met with John McCullough for my second meeting to go over my Bam Cam drawings and then he told me to go a head and make a test cut drawing.

Week 2 of Culmination Project 09/21/15

This week I receive a tip from the CLT Rudy Guerrero, I was working in the light lab on my 3D drawing, then Rudy came into a room and I told him that I was having trouble with one piece on my 3D drawing of the wooden body for my lamp, the trouble i was having was i had to do different layering for the LEDs, Plexi to cover the LEDs and then a lip for the outer shell; His tip was the commands subtract, union, 3D move, 3D rotate, and using different 3D views to work on drawing, All of which I didn’t know because 3D AutoCAD is new to me. Then I had my First meeting with John McCullough to show my 3D drawing for my lamp, and he approved of my drafting, But the question a raised which materials would be cut on which CNC machine and all materials be cut on the machine I had in mind except for the 1/2″ plexi given to me which I wanted to cut on the CNC laser machine which it might be too thick for, so John McCullough advised me to come up with a plan of which CNC machine would be used to cut what materials.

Week 1 of Culmination project 09/07/15- 09/13/15

For this week i decided what my culmination project might be, which is learning how to use CNC machinery by making a lamp; the lower half of the lamp would be made of plywood, inside of the enclosure i would place the wires, one the top half I would have plexiglass, LEDs, and Stainless Steel for lettering.  Then once my idea was solid I took my Idea to John McCullough, my technical adviser for said culmination project,  and he approved. Then I started to write my Project Proposal.