Class Room Dialogue

I saw this article and thought it might be of benefit to us as we continue to use collaborative activities in our classrooms. Let me know what you think about the concepts and practices.

A Dialogic Inquiry Approach to Working With Teachers in Developing Classroom Dialogue

Teacher’s College

by Sara Hennessy, Neil Mercer & Paul Warwick � 2011

TED Education Week

This week is the TED Education week so I am happy to share these links with you. Exploring teaching and teaching philosophy is so valuable to us all as we strive for excellence in teaching.

If anyone is interested I think it would be great to get together and discuss some of the issues presented in these talks. Anyone interested?

An Idea on How to Incorporate OpenLab into your Course

I came across this article and thought that it might be beneficial to the Fellows. After last Friday’s powerful workshops I too am seeking new ways to include high impact practices into more of my teaching. This article focuses on “blended learning” and should work well for those of use who are trying to incorporate the OpenLab into our courses.

Let me know what you think.

“How Blended Learning Works” by Jeffery Galle