CMCE 2456 Assignment


As a geotechnical engineer your involvement will begin during the subsurface investigation and continue through the design of foundations.  As your final project you will work in groups of 3; groups will be chosen by the Professor.

As a group decide on a proposed construction project and pick an arbitrary site in one of the 5 boroughs.  Research the site using websites such as google maps and oasis to determine the site area and any nearby subways or waterways.  Develop a subsurface investigation for the site.

Each group member will be responsible for testing a different soil sample.  Develop an imaginary soil profile consisting of your members soil samples.   Design an adequate foundation for your proposed construction. 

Learning Outcome

  • Work with teams of diverse composition;
  • Demonstrate an ability to recognize and interpret multiple forms of evidence;
  • Attain competency in the gathering and critical analysis of information by researching primary and secondary sources.
  • Make observations, understand the fundamental elements of experiment design, generate and analyze data using appropriate quantitative tools.

General Education Competencies

  • Show curiosity and the desire to learn;
  • Acquire tools for lifelong learning;
  • Communicate in diverse settings using written, oral, and visual means;
  • Derive meaning from experience, as well as gather information from observation;
  • Employ scientific reasoning and logical thinking;
  • Gather, interpret, evaluate, and apply information from a variety of sources;
  • Demonstrate intellectual honesty and personal responsibility;
  • Transform information into knowledge, and knowledge into judgment and action;


Each group must submit the following:

  • Final report
    • Site History
    • Proposed Construction
    • Relevant Maps
    • Laboratory Test Data
    • Summary of Subsurface Conditions
    • Recommendation for Foundations
  • Powerpoint Presentation – 5 min
    • Summarize Final Report

Grading Criteria

Project is 20% of Final Grade

  • Report – 16 pts
    • Site History (3pts)
    • Proposed Construction(2pts)
    • Relevant Maps(2pts)
    • Laboratory Test Data(3pts)
    • Summary of Subsurface Conditions(3pts)
    • Recommendation for Foundations(3pts)
  • Powerpoint Presentation – 4 pts
    • Time (1pt)
    • Quality of Slides (1pt)
    • Subject knowledge (1pt)
    • Group Participation (1pt)

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