ENG 1101 Research Essay Assignment and Planning Sheet

The attached files are items I’ve handed out in class for your research essays in case you have misplaced them. ¬†I’ll be check emails to see if you have questions and have a few extra times available for office hours on Monday. ¬†Remember, the research essay is due on Tuesday, May 5. ¬†The essay must be printed (no email submissions). ¬†The planning sheet (which should be done first) should show some thought and have something in most (not all) of the sections. ¬†Also refer to the grading sheet I handed out in class on Thursday to remember how I will assess your essays.

Research Essay Assignment

ENG 1101 2014 Research Essay Plan Sheet

Summaries of Sources

I’m attaching the sheet I handed out in class last week and this Tuesday for summarizing your sources for your research essays. ¬†Remember: This must be turned in no later than Thursday, April 30 (tomorrow)! ¬†This is worth ten percent of your final grade on the research essay and can’t be turned in late.

Here is the worksheet in case you’ve misplaced yours:¬†ENG 1101 Summaries of Sources

Integrating Outside Texts into Your Argument

We are now writing longer essays and thinking more about how to integrate the ideas of other writers with our own. ¬†I have selected a few random samples from papers I’ve recently received to provide examples of what to look for in your own work and how to improve. ¬†Here are the three samples. ¬†What works? ¬†What could be stronger?

  1. To begin with, a building is being built across the street from my building, which is where an abandoned house used to be. ¬†My building used to be the only building on my block and was surrounded by houses. ¬†Now, I see that there’s a project for the houses on my block to be replaced by buildings. ¬†As Brian Paul states, “people now flooding the neighborhood.” ¬†This supports my point because there’s going to be a population overflow of people on my block, which would lead to more problems. ¬†Now with even more people moving in, I know that my block is bound to get worse. {Conclusion continues.]
  2. Brian Paul also stated “. . .tracing the connections between affordable development and the explosion of luxury construction reveals that it also may be fueling gentrification & housing segregation.” ¬†The City and local developers should make fewer investments in such luxurious constructions and put more into affordable housing, the problem, which they claim they are trying to solve. ¬†These are changes that will not only affect the higher class people, but it will also affect the average New Yorker.
  3. As a matter of fact, Brian Paul in his essay “Affordable House Policies May Spur Gentrification, Segregation” describes what Manuel Zuniga had to go through due to gentrification . ¬†Paul explains before and after the situation that took place with Manuel Zuniga because of gentrification. ¬†The author tells us that Manuel Zuniga was living in a good neighborhood because many things have improved. ¬†At the same time, the rent has also increased, which made Zuniga angry because it was too much for him. ¬†Manuel Zuniga couldn’t move to any area where he would be able to afford because that area would be too dangerous for his family, as Paul stated. ¬†Brian Paul also added, “But what has not been examined is the possiblity that the city’s market-based affordable housing system may actually contribute to, rather than alleviate, this pattern of gentrification and displacement.” By this, Paul is trying to say that gentrification keeps increasing instead of the city fixing the issues of affordable housing.

For another look at these samples with suggested changes, go here:


MLA Format

As you complete Essay 3, refer to the following questions and the attachment to put  our essay into MLA format.

In class, we will look at an online resource, the MLA Style guide on Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab:

First, an Overview of MLA Format:


A discussion and sample of MLA Format:


On Overview: Summarizing, Quoting, and Paraphrasing

In class, we’ll discuss methods for integrating sources in essays and research papers. ¬†We’ve already discussed summarizing before your previous essay and how to use a lengthier citation in the introductory paragraph. ¬†(Remember: this is not a “rule” for the introductory paragraph, but rather a common approach¬†). ¬†We are now looking at ways to integrate quotes and paraphrases into your own ideas.

Today, we’ll look at tips on Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL):
Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing


Essay 1: Revision Instructions

For this essay a revision is not required; however, you have the option of revising.  You must follow the attached instructions for revision.  A significant show of effort can result in a higher grade.  If you do not show significant effort, your grade will remain the same.  Your grade will not go down with a revision.  Please take the opportunity to improve!  Follow the instructions on the sheet attached below:

eng 1101 Instructions for Revision Essay 1