Hamdan Zubair: Unit#3 Assignment

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  1. Ashraf Uddin

    What I like most is the layout of your pages they look really unique and proffesional.

    One thing I learned is I need to be more creative like you, for your magazine you used different fonts and writing styles to make it look like a professional magazine.

  2. taii22

    What I like most is how you explained each aspect of your project.
    One thing I learned is that you social media can affect a person’s mental health.
    One question I have is Did you use one material to find answers for your topic?

    • Hamdan.Z

      Do you mean if i used one website to find answers?

  3. Faria Promi

    1) What I like most was how you explain the depth of information about your project.
    2) One thing I learned is that social media can hurt us because you will be on it for hours and hours and can hurt our brains.
    3) One question I have is how long did it takes you to write all this information?

    • Hamdan.Z

      It did not take me that long because i had it planned out, i knew what exactly was supposed to go on it.

  4. vivian nguyen

    1. what I liked most about your project is that it was very colorful and educational.
    2 one thing i learned is that soical media is hurting our health negatively.
    3. one question I have is, is soical media effecting you badly

  5. Rosbelmoreira23

    What I like most is how my partner designed the magazine and also how he explains it. One thing I learned is how social media can affect our mental health of teenagers.
    One question I have is was hard to design your magazine?

    • Hamdan.Z

      No it wasnt, because i had done it before many times i had made magazines for my highschool so it was pretty much easy for me.

  6. Set Lynn

    Your magazine is digestible, everything’s presented in a way that’s really easy to understand. I learned the deeper effects of social media on one’s consciousness in relation to the society surrounding that person. One question I have is are there ways that this can be avoided even though the person actively stays on social media?

    • Hamdan.Z

      Something that i have embrace in myself is to keep my social media life on social media. I believe the more we let strangers get into your life the more they will have opinions on it some opinions we will like and some we will not , also have a mentality to take the positive alongside negative feedbacks too at the end of the day everyone have different opinions about everything. I personally take social media as a mean of enjoyment, i dont let it control me neither should anyone else let it control it. We got one life and we should live it the way we want also not harming anyone.

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