Yaritza Burgos: Unit 3 assignment

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  1. Lensky

    What I like most is the creativity of Yaritza project it looks like a actual magazine. One thing I learned is people in New York with low income don’t have good housing environment as others because of their low income. One equation I have is what made you interest in this subject?

  2. fatoumata magiraga

    what I like most about Yaritza project is that her project looks like a actual magazine. I like the way it is set up. what I learned is that the city keep Hispanics and Africans Americans away from the white because they are more wealthy than people of color. I really don’t have a question. but all I have to say is good job i really like the way you presented this!

  3. Julio Falero

    What I most like about the Yaritza project is the organization of the work. One thing that I have learned is that housing for Hispanics and African Americans is unequal. One question I have is what events have occurred to interest you in this topic.

  4. Jerome Brand

    What i like the most about Yaritza’s project is how professional it looks. One thing i have learned is that racism extends even to housing unfortunately. The Question i would like to ask is has this affected you or anyone you know personally?

  5. Akmal

    What I like most in the Yaritza’s project that profession and organization of the work. One thing I learned that racism still active and we have to remove it Community. One question I have is why racism still alive and how we can stop it?

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