Self Reflection

Speranta Duliepre

Community Health Nursing, NUR 4010

Professor: Leinung

Service Learning Project Reflection


            My community health nursing clinical site was at Sunset Park residential home.   Our project was the cardiovascular health promotion that took place at Sunset Park residential home.  Our objective for the project was to promote cardiovascular health, educate the population of Sunset Park, provide referrals depending on history, take blood pressure screening, and follow up care weekly.   I enjoyed meeting the diverse population at Sunset Park who stopped by our table each day and listen to our presentations.  I felt honored serving this population, they were always very eager to take their blood pressure and they looked forward to us coming each week.  This eagerness for education showed that they were willing to learned and willing to change their behaviors for better outcome and lower blood pressures.   I had a magnificent experience, which made me feel as a vital part to the community.   As nurse’s we must constantly improve and maintain the health and wellness of our clients, families, and our community.  To be able to perform this task we need to provide competent high quality care.  I was able to provide this quality care through critical thinking, assessment of the environment and prioritizing what is most important to patients and families.  I respected the patients view and their right to autonomy.  I used evidence-based practice and incorporate research into the care that I provided.  I did this by keeping current with literature and research studies.  I learned that working together in a group communication is the key, without effective communication objectives will never be met and theirs always going to be confusion.  The nursing profession is an invaluable part of healthcare delivery focusing on the caring for clients, families, and the community, helping them regain, prevent, and maintain optimum health and quality of life.  This is why community nurses are vital to the community. 


Blog Assessment

Blog Assessment

Reaction to RN Anita Schultz on hypertension presentation.
The description provided of the client’s response to hypertension was educational.  Her clients was eager to learned and participated in the presentation on hypertension.
Anita Schultz reach her goal to educate these clients she made sure there was a translator for both population, Chinese and Spanish translator was use to ensure her information was understood.  She also gave out pamphlets in both languages.  Overall I believe this presentation on hypertension reach her target audience and it was a success. 

 Speranta Duliepre RN


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