About Me

Hello viewers, my name is Sylwester Dombrowski and I am a graphic designer from Brooklyn, NY.

I was first introduced to design in high school. I took a basic Web Design class as well as a introductory Photoshop class. I was never really that good at drawing but I realized that I have a great imagination and a lot of creative ideas. The Adobe software made it possible for me to re-create those ideas digitally. Now I am in college continuing my education in Graphic Arts, improving on my skills, as well as networking, so that when its time to enter the industry I won’t be by myself. I am a great team player. Organized and able to meet the deadlines. Excellent in customer service with a background in working with costumers, of different backgrounds, on daily basis. My objective is to obtain a full time position as a graphic designer that will allow me to utilize my experience in Adobe Software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.