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Reading Journal: Caves of Steel

When i first started reading caves of steel I figured this was going to be a book about people living in giant steel caves in the future after a horrible catastrophe happen. Lucky after read the first few pages I realized this wasn’t a post-apocalyptic story rather one of an uncertain future where society has been divided by technology. The Caves of Steel the title refers too are the mega cities formed in the future. Every city had been optimize and connected in a way that made each city it own self-sufficient unit. I found the description Asimov writes of the city to be something industrialist of the early 20th century would see as the future of the cities. Being huge, giant and and never having to leave were things that many people think of when the think of cities.

The funny thing is as you read on a lot of the problems we have today we will most likely still have in the future. A lot of these problems also have to deal with human nature. The fear of disease, the boredom of eating the same food and the inability to connect with machines or even other humans is something people have to deal with in their everyday lives.