Journal Response #7 – District 9

District 9 is a excellent movie and touches on some of the similar issue pertained in such novels as Dawn and Caves of Steel. One of the bigger issues is the fact they treat these aliens, know as prawns, as outsiders and consider them as inferior and unwelcomed on their planet, or more direct South Africa. You can see the consent hatred and segregation amongst the whites (living in luxury neighborhoods) and the blacks (living in poverty) of South Africa and how the blacks living among the prawns; just like the novel Caves of Steel where the humans had a dislike towards the spacers for coming to their city. Its a consent battle for control between the UMC and the blacks for “weapons” owed by the prawns with is where it draws similarities to Dawn where there is object one side wants to control or gain power over the other. The dynamic between Wikus and Christopher Johnson reminds me of the same partnership of Olivaw and Elijah of CoS and how they were able to understand each other as they story progress.

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