District 9 Journal

District 9, is a film about aliens that has been reshaped into a scenario in which aliens are sheltered and a burden through the publics eye. The aliens are powerless, different and resemble cockroaches from a human perspective. People automatically reject the aliens out of fear. The government of course tries to make a profit, by taking the alien technology without the public knowing to produce more advance technology for warfare but fails in the attempt the alien technology is biologically engineered to work for only aliens. Society is completely bias towards the aliens because of how they look and where they live. A poor district that is very dangerous. There’s much symbolism in the film from racism, torture, religion, animal cruelty, totalitarianism, slavery, media saturation, warfare, realization that there’s just rights for humans and everything else have no rights because of our social dominance in this world. In the end of the film the main character sacrifices his needs for the better good of maybe saving a species. He puts his needs on hold for the better good. A film that puts into perspective how bad humans can be and the importance of self awareness, of how many things could be adverted if we just choose to inform ourselves.

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About Pedro Amigon

My name is Pedro Amigon and this is my second year in NYCCT. I'm from Staten Island and I'm very interested in science fiction, fantasy or anything else that falls into the category of not real. I'm a big fan of super heroes my favorite super hero novel is "watchmen". I like to write and one day I want to publish a novel. The one truly place I get most of my inspirations from is when I ride the mta. I patiently sit down waiting to arrive at my destination and all my thoughts run wild into ideas. I am also a film junky.

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