Reading Journal 4-Ori Dona

in androids, there is a big difference in the way robots are viewed than that of caves of steel. The humanoid robots in androids are very close to humans in their physical appearance.They are very devious and move with a purpose. They are organized and have a common objective. Out of the 8 androids that escaped mars, all of them ended up getting retired by the bounty hunters suck as rick, Phil, and Dave Holden. This is due to the relationship between humans of earth and robots in general. In androids it is clear that their presence is unacceptable on Earth where as in caves of steel robots are just resented. There are bounty hunters who go about retiring androids where as in caves of steel they are not pursued. Even a robot such as daneel is still inferior in many ways when compared to a android such as Rachael. Daneel was constrained to his programming as apposed to Rachael who had a sense of free choice which makes her more capable and dangerous. At the end of androids, rick almost gets set up by the batys and Rachael. This cunning form of android reflects the relationship between humans and androids.

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