Reading Journal #4

“Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick contains a lot of twists. It is one of the most interesting sci-fi stories I’ve ever read. I loved the intersection of another story (John Isidore’s), which is parallel to the main story (Dick’s), and how they relate at the end. Two stories have different paths, emotions and meanings, but they reunite to fit the missing puzzle pieces. We see how John and Dick are two different persons. The first has mental problems because of the nuclear explosion, and eager to have any relationship even with an android, as long as there is somebody who cares about him. The second is a bounty hunter who has house problems, because his wife believes in Mercerism, and needs the Penfield mood organ to fix her depressed and sad mood. And we see how both are attached to something that is not real, which is androids, (John attached to Pris, and Dick attached to his android sheep). This poses another theme in the book, which is intelligence vs. “chickenhead”, where it shows how both lives are, and how an intelligent person reacts in comparison to a “chickenhead”. It is a twist I love to see in movies, and for the first time I read it in a book which was unpredictable and fun.

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