Journal 3, Caves of Steel: analysis work

She went on, “Anyway, Lizzy was always talking about  how there’d come a day and people had to get together. She said it was all the fault of the Spacers because they wanted to keep Earth weak and decadent. That was one of her favorite words, “ decadent.’

I found this quote in the middle of Chapter 14, Baley reminisces about his marriage with Jessie and her beliefs. I found this quote very interesting because it sets a theme of a human and robot relationship, of how it exposes Jessie’s beliefs to Baley. There’s a thin line between robots and humans, and through this quote its pretty obvious robots get blame for everything wrong with earth. The story continues to expose characters being prejudice towards robots. Later on the reader finds out that Jessie was part of mediavelist cult. Baley basically analyzes his wife’s resentment and frustrations.

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