Reading Responses 1&2 by Pedro Amigon

The novel “Caves of Steel” is written by Isaac Asimov and the story takes place in the future. The protagonist lives in a more advance and polluted planet earth. There are robots in this future that work and are very utile to society but are despised by humans. Most humans blame robots for everything wrong with the environment and for the working man’s inability to prosper. In this world similar to ours there’s an overpopulated human crisis just like our crisis but the only difference is that they have come to a conclusive way of dealing with by how many kids you are allowed to have based on your I.Q. In this world everything is more limited you can’t live on the dome’s that hover up in the skies because they belong to spacers or robots. There’s an iconic dome known as “Spacetown”. In Spacetown the air is ventilated to be cleaner than the earth’s air. Spacetown is more cleansed than planet earth; any outsider is forced to be cleansed by taking a shower. In Spacetown humans are considered to be creatures carrying infectious diseases. In planet earth food is limited and its good customs to deny food to a stranger in your home. Technology is much more different with simple drop blood a machine can see if you have any health issues or any psychological issues such as depression. Robots look like human beings and are built with a postronic brain that prevents them from hurting humans in any way. Robots are built with this conscious ability to make decision on their own and are able to interact with humans in a much superior form compared to our Iphones.

When I read “Caves of Steel”, I encounter much of an oppressed society that had many conservative views on the way things should be from the character having his own religious philosophical views making man the foundation of everything that exists. Many side characters such as the Elijah’s wife had a view of where humans place is and where robots position is uphold.Elijah the protagonist of the story has a hard time working with his partner based on the fact that he looks entirely human, it upsets him the most because he’s afraid to think differently about robots from the way other people portray robots of being more than just machines. Elijah recites a bible verse in page (77) to R of a bible story about mercy, R then explains to him that he could show mercy as well is he no different from humans. The theme of the story is overcoming oppression, it was the only way Elijah solved the case. Julius Enderby tried to break Elijah by putting him in a scenario that Elijah would have troubles overcoming such as going to Spacetown and being treated differently knowing that R’s creator looks just like him, an insane scenario with much confusion and doubt.  When Elijah overcame oppression he learned to more merciful towards Julius Enderby in order to make some prominent good of his altercations. In Elijah’s oppressed society the constant threat for survival, Elijah almost shot R because he came close to believing that a robot could hurt humans when R held his blaser to a pedestrian, only to realize that R’s blaster wasn’t loaded.

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